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My Bible Study – Creation Day Six

Creation Day Six – Genesis Chapter One verses 24 – 31

Welcome to “My Bible Study” where we are walking verse by verse through the entire Bible. This is the beginning of Time as we know it. We have started our study in Genesis Chapter One and verse number one and Day number One of Creation. We have studied days 1-5 previously. Today we begin studying Day Six of Creation and will be reading beginning in Genesis Chapter One verses 24 to 31.

God has revealed to us that there were only six days, six normal, 24 hour days, in Creation. God said after each day, “…and there was evening and there was morning…” Why is that important for us to understand?

Moses stated, “For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.”  In these passages the most natural way of understanding “day” is a reference to what we know as a 24-hour time period.

Some people will counter the Creation argument right here when we see the sun, moon and stars were not yet formed. So how can there have been a 24 hour day? How could there be an evening and a morning? How did they tell time?

The simple answer would be, “We cannot know here, but we will know once we get to Heaven.”  And you will hear that a lot.

But I want to go one level deeper here. And if you will stick with me a minute, I think you will agree on the premise…

God exists in what we call “Eternity.” No beginning. No end. Time means nothing in Eternity.

I gave the example before of the auditorium with a rope running from out in the hallway in a door on the left, whose end could not be seen, and running up on the stage and then back out the door on the right, whose end could not be seen. And up in the center of the stage, would be a six inch piece of bright tape around the rope.

That rope represents Eternity. The tape represents a small sliver of Eternity, called TIME.  Time has a beginning. Time has an end. Our lives represent less than a hairs breadth on that tape. So small it cannot even be seen unless under a microscope. That’s how small I’m referring to.

But yet, our lifetime may, in our senses, be a hundred or more years. To us, it seem like a long time. But from God’s perspective, it is extremely small. That tape represents TIME.

So, from God’s perspective, we He created TIME, he already, in His mind, knew what a 24 hour day was going to be. He was creating everything according to His Plan. So He understood a “day” would equal 24 hours, before there was even a measuring device to measure 24 hours! It would be like us building a watch or a clock. How would you build it, to measure an hour as that related to the earth’s rotation, correct?

Why wouldn’t you create a watch that tracked some other way? Because that is the way we measure time. Well, God has that method already in His Plan of Creation! So when He said, “…an evening and a morning…” He understood exactly what that measurement was because He is the One who invented what we call TIME.

Why did God create the world in six days?  That’s a funny question considering the points of view that have historically approached it.  Before the Theory of Evolution became widely accepted, that question was actually centered on the point of view of “If God is so powerful, then why six days and not just one second?”  But now, after scientists have seen how complex this world truly is, the most common point of view has become “Only six days and not billions of years?”

It was in six days and not in one second because God was showing how much he cares for his creation and especially for us, the crown of his creation.  And it was in six days and not in billions of years because God truly is all-powerful.

But why did he create the world and us in it?  The answer to that question rests simply on God’s great love for mankind.  He wanted to create beings that could be the focus of his immense love, with whom he could have a very special relationship, and who could be precious to him and him to them.

To create and give life to such special beings, he needed to create a place for them to live.  As an all-powerful God who could create everything simply by speaking it into existence, he still took great care to create a world that would be a joy and a blessing for humans to live in.  He took so much care that this almighty God spent over 5 days to prepare for his special creation, mankind.  And we have covered those 5 days in detail in our prior sessions.

The Crown of His Creation Is Created

When everything was finally ready, it was time for God to create mankind.  But before he did, he showed just how special they were as he introduced them with an exhortation within Himself: “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground” (Genesis 1:26).

And so God created his precious mankind, both male and female, in the very image of God, that is, in God’s image of perfection and holiness. And He crowned them with His image of GLORY! Amen! Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good! Praise God!

Animals needed fur, feathers, etc. But not God’s man! He was covered with God’s own Glory! That is all His man needed! Amen!

Having created the ultimate object of His Love, God then gave them the opportunity to have the same joy in caring for something as He has.  God gave them the joy and privilege of caring for the rest of His creation: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground” (Genesis 1:28).  Mankind could now share God’s caring love with all other beings in creation.  By doing so, they would be showing love and thanks to God while also giving glory to him for everything he had done.

You see, ultimately, God knew Jesus, the Son of God, would come to this earth to rule and reign over all His Creation. God the Father is a Spirit. But He wanted a physical body so He could interact with His Creation. God the Son, a member of the Trinity, was going to be God’s Presence on this earth to God could interact with all of His Creation.

Mankind was created in God’s Image so they could be God’s Presence on this earth as well. We were created to be God’s family! Amen! We were to live in perfect peace and harmony with all of the animals, birds, plants – everything! There was no death, no corruption, no thorns, thistles or anything like that. Animals were all vegetarians. They did not eat each other. There was no death of any kind.

But perhaps you’ve noticed that things are different nowadays.  And that’s exactly what God is trying to reveal to us by telling us about his creating work.  That perfect existence and perfect creation has now been lost because the first two human beings God created disobeyed him and brought sin into the world. You can read that over in Genesis Chapter Three, and we will get there.

But, they lost the image of God and therefore became spiritually disconnected from Him, and they passed that new sinful “image” on to us all and also to all of creation! You can read that in Genesis chapter five and even the Apostle Paul talks about it in Romans chapter five. So, something needed to be done to fix it.  God needed to step in.

And, thankfully, He did.  He made a promise. A promise to Adam and Eve. A promise to all creation. And a promise to Satan. He promised a Savior to overcome and to destroy the work of the one who tempted them into sin, Praise God!  The fulfillment of that promise is the focus of the rest of God’s Word.  It reveals that the Savior Jesus eventually came and won our salvation. He did that so we could be restored into a relationship, once again, with God the Father! Amen!

Now, there are some who think evolution is a fact. But notice, they can never produce “the original” of anything! No fossils of “the first plant.” No fossils of “the first dog.” Or anything like that! Why? Because it is not Biblical. And if it is not Biblical, then it is not a fact!

For the sake of preserving the truth and importance of that promise, it’s important to preserve the truth of what led “to that promise.”  Therefore, it’s good to make mention of what some Christians do with the creation account in Genesis.  Some Christians combine the six days of creation and the Theory of Evolution into one theory by viewing the days of creation as very long periods of time.  As previously stated, God shows that these were six normal days.  However, we can’t combine the Theory of Evolution with the six days of creation because the Theory of Evolution contradicts God’s entire plan for our salvation.

If other species evolved into human beings, then there was no Adam and Eve, the first two human beings.  If there was no Adam and Eve, then there was no fall into sin. That means death and destruction have existed from before the earth was.

And if there is no fall into sin, then there was nothing that brought death into the world, which means God had always intended for death to serve as the driving force for every species to evolve.

The problem there is quite simple and yet very big: God never intended for things to die.  Death is a result of sin! Period! And that’s the whole reason Jesus came to this earth.  He came to die for sin our sin and to do away with death, pain, and sadness! Amen!

I know this is not a very popular view in the eyes of scientists and even some Christians. They then accept the conventional chronology of universal history. This includes the slow formation of everything over billions of years starting with a Big Bang, the corruption and death of trillions of creatures before the arrival of Adam and Eve, a Fall that introduced death only to mankind, and a local flood during the days of Noah.

I realize that intelligent and godly Christians hold to this model of Earth history. Nevertheless, many seem unaware of the actual events they must inevitably adopt when affirming, proclaiming and clinging to a 13.8 billion-year-old universe.

After all, one cannot extend history for billions of years without attaching new events to it. Those events have serious theological consequences. These theories have never been proven, cannot be proven and, in fact, have been DISPROVEN repeatedly!

A quick reference in this area would be “geologic formations,” “sedimentary deposits” and also “carbon dating.”

I’ll just use ONE example, because I do not have the time here to go into detail. You can research whether or not what I’m sharing with is factual.

Mount Saint Helens in Washington state exploded on May 18, 1980.  In this one explosion, over 500,000 KILOTONS of ash was expelled. The rocks and debris from the explosion itself wiped out everything with 8 miles of the mountain side. The resulting heat melted snow pack and caused floods to flow downhill at over 90 MPH!

Scientists later, (after everything quieted down and cooled down), went back in and began to take measurements. I’ve interviewed an esteemed historian on this subject, Brian Johnson with “South Dakota Apologetics.” He has the scientific data and I’m simply trying to recall some of the things he has said to me…

But the sedimentary layering reflects what would normally be seen over a couple of million years. But actually occurred in a matter of days. The carbon dating showed several thousands of years of discrepancies. But happened in a matter of seconds.  The geologic conditions observed were similar to things scientists would attribute taking thousands, if not millions of years to occur. But yet happened in a matter of hours or days.

If we have that as an example of how skewed scientific accuracy is, how can we rely  on it to be accurate? Answer: we can’t!

That is just one example! I’ve talked to other experts about Noah’s flood and other such things. And they all reveal the same type of evidence. Only people who refuse to accept the PREMISE of Creation happening because God commanded it to happen – and that it happened just as the Bible says it did – in SIX LITERAL DAYS, can believe the lies of the devil.

If one adopts the conventional chronology, one must accept that the Earth was absent from the universe for its first 9 billion years. After a galactic cooling event, the Earth slowly formed through billions of years of uninhabitable environments. God eventually created the first complex marine life, then progressively created or evolved different types of organisms. These all experienced death and massive extinction events that led to the destruction of trillions of living creatures.

And ALL of this happened long before the appearance of Adam and Eve.

I realize that some Christians may not be interested in these sorts of details. Yet anyone who chooses to accept an old universe implicitly must accept the historical events that go along with it. It is a history filled with lifelessness, death and destruction. Not the goodness of a loving God.

You cannot have it both ways!

According to the conventional chronology, corruption has always been a part of the universe. This can be seen in the fossil record which supposedly represents 540 million years of animal suffering and death. It provides snapshots of a world often full of thorns and thistles.

In this view, Adam’s sin could not have been the ultimate cause of universal corruption. As an historical event, his disobedience occurred long after corruption was present.

But according to 6-day creation, Adam’s sin precedes God’s curse on the creation. The suffering and death of animals came as a result of Adam’s disobedience, not prior to it. Thorns and thistles were a part of the curse, not before it.

This is what Paul affirms in Romans 8:21. It is what Christian theology has always affirmed: Adam was given dominion over the entire creation at the beginning; when he sinned, the entire creation was subjected to corruption as a consequence of its unique relationship to him.

If the universe contained death and corruption that wasn’t the result of Adam’s sin, what does that mean for Jesus’s redemption of both man and creation?

Consider His miracles: He was re-forming the world according to the goodness of the original creation. Whether Jesus was healing the sick, raising the dead, or feeding the hungry, He was showing that redemption results in tangible bounty to actual people. It is a goodness that culminates with the new creation. Passages in the Prophets and Revelation suggest a return to the space-time goodness of the original creation.

Yet it is only the chronology of 6-day creation that provides the historical framework for this pattern to have meaning.

If the original creation was not good, or if the Fall did not transform that creation into something evil, then what is the real nature of our redemption? And what is the real potential of the new creation?

Think of TIME as having two bookends. Have you ever noticed bookends before? They look exactly the same. They mirror each other, don’t they?

For the bookends of creation to match, they must be mirrors of each other as well. This is only possible with 6-day creation. Anything else will not do. It will not fit. It will not work.

Thankfully, as God tells us, there was no sin when he created the world—it was perfect.  In Genesis 1:31, the Bible says, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

“Good” in God’s eyes equals perfect, so “very good” means that His creation must have been very perfect – hear me now – before Adam and Eve sinned.  And thanks to Jesus coming to this earth, dying for our sins, and rising to life three days later conquering death, hell and the grave, we have the hope of an all-new creation someday with no sin and no death!  Praise God!

“Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth.  The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.  But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create”  is what God says in Isaiah 65:17-18  God will create a new, perfect world—all for us.

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