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Corona Virus Response Is A Hoax


I just read an article in the Washington Post, by Cheryl Chumley, that explains this entire “Corona Virus pandemic response is a Hoax;” is useless and unwarranted. In actuality, any microbiologist worth their salt knows that “cleaning and isolation” does not destroy the microbes ability to make us sick, it only makes it worse.

This “isolation” the government has been implementing was never designed to “stop the virus.” It was only designed to keep the hospital system from being overwhelmed. The “flatten the curve” index is not to eliminate the virus. It is to lengthen the effects of the virus.

You can read this article here:

On my podcast, I have interviewed many experts who have been saying the same thing all along.

“But what about the medical prediction models?”

You mean the ones that said 250,000 Americans were going to die from the virus?

Then changed to 150,00?

Then changed to 100,00?

Then changed to “maybe 50-60,000?”

We shut down the best economy in history because 50,000 might die?

More people die in car accidents each year than that!  I have an idea, let’s eliminate the car industry and make it illegal to drive. That will save lives!!!

Don’t worry about the auto industry jobs!  This is important! We can save lives!

Same scenario!

This Hoax has been planned by those behind the “New World Order” for some time now…

I’ve also seen information that indicates the responses to COVID-19 were in the planning stages for years. There is absolutely no way the detailed “plan” could be implemented in just a few weeks time (especially by government bureaucrats in DC). Check out the link to this website (the details go 200 layers deep with plans for every possible scenario to “control and inform” the public). “Deep State” implementing the “New World Order” plan is what this is.

Even President Trump, who always said he was “honored to be our president,” recently slipped up and made the comment “I was honored to have been your president through this…” (past tense). The New World Order people (A.K.A. “the swamp”) must have finally pushed through the resistance to usher the new age of government…


What will our “New Normal” look like?

What’s next:

1. National ID that you MUST have to “buy and sell” (being pushed as “virus immunity ID)…
2. Controlling who can go where…
3. Controlling which churches can open (oh – they are already doing that)!
4. Restricting 1st Amendment Rights (Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Assembly; Freedom of Religion – Oh, wait! They are already doing that)!
5. Revoking the 2nd Amendment rights to “Keep and bear arms…” (Plans are well underway for that one, too)…
6. Making people 100 percent dependent on the Government (well, let’s see: completely shut down the best economy in the world; run up the largest government spending in history; “talking about” implementing a “guaranteed base wage for every American from the government” (thank you Nancy Pelosi – just what the New World Order wants)…


OK – enough facts and let’s talk FUTURE…

This was ALL predicted to happen!

This is NOT NEW!

This was already written down for anyone who wanted to read about it…


1 Timothy 4:1
2 Timothy 3:1-5
Matthew 24:6-7
Matthew 24:21
Luke 21:11, 25, 36
Joel 2:28-32
2 Peter 3:3-4
Revelation 13:16-17

This may be looked upon as the ramblings of another preacher…

That’s ok. I’ve spoken what the Lord put on my heart…

You can believe it or reject it…

That is up to you.

My prayer is simple, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do…” (Luke 23:34)


“Amen – Come Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20)

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