Episode 305 – Engaging Heaven Today – James Levesque pt 1

Pastor James Levesque has been through the trenches of life. Through his journey, he found the most important thing anyone could find – Jesus!

From a life that was headed down the fast lane to death, he found his calling into ministry. He relied totally on Jesus and the results have been tremendous!  He is the pastor at “Engaging Heaven Church” in New London, CT. The church building is not your typical, modern day church building. Through a miracle from God, he was allowed to purchase one of the oldest church buildings in America! This was where some of the early pioneer preachers came to share the Gospel, which resulted in the 1st and the 2nd “Great Awakening!”

Pastor Levesque says it is now time for the “3rd Great Awakening!”

He now oversees and pastors additional church plants in the New England area!

In our podcast today and tomorrow, we talk with Pastor Levesque about his ministry and about his daily podcast devotional – “Engaging Heaven Today!” This podcast has shot up the ranks on iTunes and is one of the most successful Christian podcasts on iTunes!

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