Episode 361 – Healing The Nation – Tom Donnan pt 2

Healing the Nation – Tom Donnan Interview 

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Today’s guest has, literally, come back from the dead, and is here to share with us some insights the Lord has given him through that ordeal as well as some new things for us to pray about concerning the future of America as we know it; the future of the Body of Christ as it operates in this earth and in this nation – and gives us some advice on what YOU, ME and other like minded believers can do to further the spread of the Gospel into all the earth.

Folks, help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan. Tom, it is great to have you back on the podcast!

Now, I introduced you as “coming back from the dead.”  I want you to explain that during your answer to my first question, which I’ll ask again just for the benefit of those who may be new to our podcast or missed your prior interviews…tell us…”Who is Tom Donnan?”

Tell us what you see happening in California. The Spiritual Warfare in California is so great, and the workers of Satan are so numerous, they are actually contemplating outlawing public display of the Bible can be outlawed. What do you see concerning these thing as it concerns the West Coast and more specifically, California?

Talk about the censorship of Google, Twitter and Facebook…

People are moving out of the state in massive droves. This will result in fewer people which has huge ramifications. Representation in Congress; taxes (less people people paying taxes); companies close, resulting in more unemployed, more foreclosures, more homeless people on the streets. How do you see this affecting America?

Look at the consequences California is facing right now!  Wildfires burning out of control (52 at the time of this recording). They can’t “buy” enough water for their population – so where are they getting the water for the fires?

What is God up to? As it concerns some of the things we have talked about? He is using a “Remnant” to make some changes.

Look at what God can do when we just “get out of the way.”  Billy Graham, Elijah, etc.

Example of a girl named “Ruby.”  Prayers for the adoption of this little girl from India showed a woman who is learning to pray through things God shows her needs prayer. We need to learn to do what God says in order to accomplish what God wants done. This is the way God will change the hearts and minds of a nation (2 Chron. 7:14).

Tom, if anyone wanted to contact you, reach out to you, maybe invite you to come and speak at their church or conferences or maybe be interviewed, how can they reach you?

Alright, well, for Tom Donnan and myself, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau reminding you to PRAY FOR THIS NATION that God will MOVE and pour out His Spirit across this land…and that you should BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

Folks, that’s all the time we have for today…I wish we could go on and on…but, Tom, I’d like to invite you back sometime – anytime, you feel you have something to share. Sound good?



Email:  Healingthenation1776@gmail.com


Facebook: Tom Donnan


REFERENCES from Tom Donnan mentioned in this interview:

California falling apart

Packing up, moving out: People leaving California in droves (high taxes, more control over personal lives, limiting the color of you car, water restrictions, etc.)

Bill 2943 if passed would open the way for the Bible to be ban in the State. (spiritual darkness desire to bring a safe region to dive deeper into sin. Then to expand it’s reach.)


Homeless out of control (the loss of 9000 business contributed to jobs. High taxes motivated crop. to move to more accommodating states.)


Drugs out of control (aiding drug users and no accountability rampant epidemic.)


Water controls (Lack of rain and high water uses)


Fifty wildfires in California (52 fires, where is God?)



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