Episode 367 – Signs of the Times – Richard Ruhling pt 1

Signs of the Times in Which We Live – Dr Richard Ruhling Interview


I want to welcome back our guest today, retired physician, former assistant professor at Loma Linda University from 1974-1978 and a celebrated author of several different end time prophesy books, Dr. Richard Ruhling.  His ministry is called “Total Health” and he teaches how we can focus on physical health as well as spiritual health. Doctor Ruhling has been a our program a couple of times and – Doctor, I keep asking you to come back because there are so many End Time Events happening in the news – almost on a daily basis – and I love your insight into the prophetic meanings of things that most people do not see or put the links together on.  Dr. Ruhling, it is a blessing to have you back on our program today.

For those that may have missed our prior discussion, shame on them…or I guess they could be new subscribers and that’s why they missed our prior discussions, tell us, “Who is Dr. Richard Ruhling?”

I have several things I would like to ask you today…but first I want to back up to, I believe, was our last interview…or the one before that…where you discussed a major event that was going to happen on the “Second Passover” of this year. I don’t recall anything happening.  Are you aware of a major event that happened that could be placed as an “end time prophecy?”

You also discussed the volcano in Hawaii and increased earthquake activity in California…any new happening in those areas?

We talked about major Home Land Security drills taking place in California as they anticipate “The Big One.” You said you believe the government knows something they are not telling us and that it seems like, every time they do one of these drills, something significant happens right in the areas they were at. Anything new to bring us up to speed on concerning this?

I have one for you…you probably heard about the Capitol Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, MD that was shot up? The shooter went inside and started shooting people…and the first responding officer was on the scene in 60 seconds and the second officer in 90 seconds. Then both made immediate entry and the gunman surrendered before any more people were killed. Fox News reported that these officers underwent “active shooter training” on June 22nd, about one week prior to this incident. When the news reported that, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. My “spidey” senses were tingling…

Let’s talk politics…tell me what you see happening concerning, let’s say,

-“Trump and Kim Jun Il”

– “Trump and China”

– “Trump and the UN”

– “Trump and NATO”

– let’s not forget “Trump and Russia”

Now, you say the “Destruction of Jerusalem” is the first sign of the End Times, based on Matthew 24. Since our president recognized Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, How close do you think that is to today

Let’s talk about your new book for a few minutes. What is the title? Is it a print book or e-book or both?

Why do you think this is the time to write a book like this?

And how can our listeners get a copy of your book?

Well, Dr. Ruhling, once again, the clock has run out on us…I look forward to having you back on the program soon. I enjoy our discussions and I believe our listeners find them intriguing and helpful as well.

Folks, that’s all the time we have for today. I highly encourage you to go to Dr. Ruhling’s website and request and download your free book.

For Dr. Richard Ruhling and myself, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

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