Episode 370 – The Ring of Fire – Tom Donnan Interview pt 2

Tom Donnan Interview

Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast, where me meet various people at the intersection of life and Faith…amen!  I want to ask you, in advance, if you could leave a comment below this episode, if you are listening through our website, www.kcrpodcast.comor, if you are listening through iTunes, if you could leave us a comment and rating there as well.  That is what helps us to grow in listenership, amen.

Today’s guest has, literally, come back from the dead, and is here to share with us some insights the Lord has given him through that ordeal as well as some new things for us to pray about concerning the future of America as we know it; the future of the Body of Christ as it operates in this earth and in this nation – and gives us some advice on what YOU, ME and other like minded believers can do to further the spread of the Gospel into all the earth.

Folks, help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan. Tom, it is great to have you back on the podcast!

This time, Tom, I wanted to just turn you loose and get into the discussion of the “Ring of Fire” and some of the dangers the Lord has shown you.

Now, in addition to the increased activity in the “Ring of Fire,” there are also problems that can face the USA, such as the increased activity in Yellowstone Park and other things, correct?

Tom, if anyone wanted to contact you, reach out to you, maybe invite you to come and speak at their church or conferences or maybe be interviewed, how can they reach you?

Alright, well, for Tom Donnan and myself, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau reminding you to PRAY FOR THIS NATION that God will MOVE and pour out His Spirit across this land…and that you should BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

Folks, that’s all the time we have for today…I wish we could go on and on…but, Tom, I’d like to invite you back sometime – anytime, you feel you have something to share. Sound good?


Email:  Healingthenation1776@gmail.com

Facebook: Tom Donnan

REFERENCES from Tom Donnan mentioned in this interview:


Steamboat geyser erupts 20 times since March. It has had about ten eruptions in the last century.


Ring of Fire earthquakes (there is a fluid motion to the tectonic Plates. When one place moves it puts pressure on the other side of the ring of fire.)


Huge cracks happening in the earth


Cascadia subduction Zone; Washington/Oregon

San Andrea’s Fault line in California is locked up. The rest of the Ring of Fire is releasing pressure and strain but not on our west coast. Recently, off the coast of Oregon a 6.6 earthquake struck. This was a major concern for the area.

Booms in USA highlighted in Gatevill Tx. (not limited to Gatevill, this is happening around the country and the world)


Atmospheric sounds (very loud sounds heard in the atmosphere since 2011)

Trees flattened in Washington, ½ mile of trees knocked over in seconds. (a mystery of how a lateral shockwave flattened these strong mature trees)

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