Episode 384 – Signs of the Times for the End of the Age – Tom Donnan

Signs of the Times for the End of the Age – Tom Donnan Interview

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Today’s guest has, literally, come back from the dead, and is here to share with us some insights the Lord has given him through that ordeal as well as some new things for us to pray about concerning the future of America as we know it; the future of the Body of Christ as it operates in this earth and in this nation – and gives us some advice on what YOU, ME and other like minded believers can do to further the spread of the Gospel into all the earth.

Folks, help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan. Tom, it is great to have you back on the podcast!

Now, Tom, I want to get right into this subject today –which is the “Signs of the Times for the End of the Age.”  I know you follow a lot of information on line that deals with this subject.  You and I have talked a few times since our last episode and I wanted you to come on and share with our listeners some new information you have uncovered in this area.

The Bible says that our attention will be on world events in the earth, sky and oceans that points people to the soon return of Jesus. The book of Daniel speaks of end of days and the increase of knowledge and travel. In Matthew 24 Jesus list the sign of the times at the end of the age. That is why I watch and listen to see to be prepared for Jesus coming.

(Below are links and references to the information Tom was discussing with us – PLUS some extra things we did not have time to discuss today).

  • A piece of metal crashed in California on Oct 19thKings County. Twenty years earlier it had been launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California, about one hundred miles from where it crashed. The piece of metal was a fuel tank from a satellite.


  • Meteor Shower from Haley’s Comet, earth is now passing through this asteroid field. Gives a good illustration of the track of asteroids.


  • Nasa’s Planetary Defense Coordinated Office has proposed budget increasing by 90 Million Dollars. An article on Zero Hedge wonders if Nasa knows something we don’t.


  • NEO On October 18than asteroid passed by earth at a mire 24000 miles. There was no warning of its approach.


  • Two NEO discovered after they had passed earth on October 18th. The distances was at 17,000 miles and under 10,000


  • Meteorite used as doorstop sold with house. Valued at $100000.00


  • Unearthing the mysteries of Mars


  • Hayward Fault, east of San Francisco is due for a large earthquake according to the USGS


  • Three powerful Earthquakes strike Port Hardy Ca on Oct 18th. It is right above Washington state along the Cascadia Fault line.


  • Earthquake Liquification in Indonesian Quake Oct 10-18


  • Thirteen year high in snowfall


  • Fukushima Radiation, what is happening


  • Why did hurricane Michael Rev up so quickly from a Cat 2 to a Cat 2 in 24 hours?


  • The sound of an Explosion heard over 5 States. From W. Virginia to Georgia. A loud boom that shook peoples houses and vibrated the ground. It is a half and hour video of personal observations with other peoples experiences.



CONTACT TOM AT HIS EMAIL: healingthenation1776@gmail.com

One Door Between Us (Book):  https://amzn.to/2FsdO4u


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