Episode 395 – Signs of the Times – Tom Donnan Interview pt 2

Signs of the Times – Tom Donnan Interview

Tom Donnan is a brother who has been on our program several times. Every time he comes back on, he brings more interesting facts, figures and concerns that every Christian should already be aware of. Unfortunately, like just about everything else that should be of interest to Christians – this information is ignored instead of shared.

Jesus, Himself, gave hints in Matthew 24, Revelation and elsewhere, about the “signs of His soon return.”  But it seems like people just want to bury their head in the sand and, instead of praying, “Come Lord Jesus” – the Christian prayers are “Not yet Lord Jesus.”

Well – to discuss more interesting “signs of the times” – help me welcome to the program, our good friend, Tom Donnan!  Tom, thanks for coming back on the program!

Ok, Tom, I want to start with Yellowstone. I keep coming back to this one each time because, if it were to blow – it would be the most catastrophic eruptions in US history.  Is there any new information that has come out about Yellowstone?

I did see a US Geological Survey quote that The USGS says “the odds of Yellowstone erupting are 0.00014 percent — lower than the odds of getting hit by a civilization-destroying asteroid.

In fact, some say that the super-volcano may never erupt again.”

Now, since we just mentioned being hit by an ELE (End of Life Event) asteroid, let’s shift gears to that discussion…

There have been thousands of reports of fire balls, meteorites, etc. – even just in the past few months. Is this because of increased technological advances to detect these things – or because we entered a debris field that is just a naturally occurring phenomena?

Every time you come on, we discuss “near misses” that have just occurred. Since we talked last – are there any new developments in this area?  Like the Oumuamua (“Scout from distant past”) asteroid?

Some have speculated it may be an alien space probe…any thoughts on that?

Speaking of advanced technology…what’s this I hear about Artificial Intelligence about to surpass human intelligence in about 5 years?

Is it true Saudi Arabia has an Artificial Intelligence Ambassador to the United Nations?

It seems like there was some type of science fiction movie talking about all of this – but the name escapes me right now…but it sounds familiar.

Tom, I want to discuss your new book… “One Door Between Us”

What is the book about?

When is going to be released?  In print now…

Get a free copy of “One Door Between Us” for your woman’s group by contacting Tom Donnan via email.

You said you wanted to discuss the Sermon on the Mount…what is it you wanted to discuss about that sermon by Jesus?

If someone wanted to contact you, to ask a question, perhaps to do an interview such as this – how can they get in touch with you?

Tom close us out with prayer – somebody somewhere probably heard this message we discussed today and would like to make Jesus their Savior. Can you lead them in prayer to the Lord’s Throne?

Folks, that’s all the time we have for today. For Tom Donnan and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!


EMAIL TOM DONNAN:  healingthenation@gmail.com



1) There are serious concerns of AI advancing beyond human human intelligence in 3-5 years. Also they have their own AI Cloud where their store learned experiences and share a consciousness.


2) AI female robot is given citizenship in Saudi Arabia! Sophia addresses the UN and talks about evenly distributing Human Resources.


3) Asteroid coming into our solar system traveling at 86,000 MPH. 1/4 mile long, 100 ft wide is visiting our system and the planetary defense dept says not to worry.


4) rare 6.8 earthquake between Iceland and Greenland nov 8th


Global earthquakes update, normally ring of fire active this video shows activity on other side of the world.



5) super storm in Italy destroys 14 million trees, hurricane force winds and high property damage.


6) steamboat geyser erupts 26th time this year, Yellowstone threat level increased to high.


7) Swift Explained: a tool of the US Empire! How important is this for America?


8) where is America in end times? Are we seeing the decline of being a superpower?


9) paradise California fire, is it a symbol of what is happening to the state?


10) video has good stuff. Shows increase of earthquakes. In last 18 years there were 2900 major earthquakes. There is an increase of meteors and talks about solar minimum.


12) wildfires in California


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