Episode 400 – The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen – Laura-Dawn Moule Interview pt 2

The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen – Laura-Dawn Moule Interview

Laura-Dawn Moule was Miss Montreal back in 1988-89. As she was giving up her crown to the next winner, she decided she was going to travel to Washington, DC and meet Mother Theresa. No appointment, no prior arrangements, just go!  And she did! She had also decided she was going to travel to India.  And she left two days after meeting Mother Theresa!  And, to top it all off – she did so by herself, at the ripe old age of 19 years old! Imagine that!

Now in the health care profession, she has taken the journal she kept of this journey and turned it into a great book titled, “Reflections of India: The Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen.”

Help me welcome to the program, Laura-Dawn Moule! Laura-Dawn, thank your for joining us today!

The first question I always ask is this: Tell us in your own words, “Who is Laura-Dawn Moule?”

At the time that you were planning on working in the Bombay and Calcutta slums with World Vision and the Missionaries of Charity, you were a beauty queen, Miss Montreal. What possessed you to think about doing this when you could have used your title to advance yourself in a career of your choosing?

In your speech, the following year, where you surrendered the crown you describe being a passive participant as the Holy Spirit took over.  What was that like?

You declare that you wanted to meet Mother Teresa before travelling to India. With no forethought or planning you made what seems to be a last-minute decision to go to the United States where she was scheduled to be in Washington DC.  What made you think you would be successful?

So, you finally met Mother Teresa, not only at St. Matthew’s Cathedral where the ceremony took place, but also at the Gift of Peace Convent. Describe that. What was she like?

When you arrived in Bombay, you describe (in your book) the deplorable conditions in which the people live. What struck you most when you saw this?

You wrote a very moving poem, about those deplorable conditions, as you were leaving Bombay; ending with the line:  “Pity them not, however,  for the question is better asked, What have you done?”   What message are you hoping to convey here?

You describe your experiences in Calcutta and while you are working in that dire poverty, you saw beauty. How did that beauty help you deal with the desperation that you were seeing every day?

In the book you describe spiritual warfare and how despite certain successes you had, you felt as though something had been attacking you all along in your efforts to do good. Can you explain your understanding of what is going on in the spirit realm?

In the very last chapter, you go into detail about how you overcame a lot of obstacles spiritually and you challenge the reader to do the same. What message should the reader take home after reading this book?

Where can people get your book? Is it available on Amazon?

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, maybe to ask a question or to invite you to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?


To contact Laura-Dawn Moule – please use the contact form on her website: https://weldbooks.ca/contact-me/

Please order her book:  “Reflections of India: Spiritual Journey of a Beauty Queen”

To Order the Kindle Version of her book:   https://amzn.to/2Kz627u

To obtain a physical copy of the book:  www.weldbooks.ca



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