Episode 417 – Pastor Bob’s Christmas Special

Show Notes for CHRISTMAS DAY


Scripture Reading for today is from Luke 2:1-21

MERRY CHRISTMAS! JESUS IS BORN! This is the Celebration of the Messiah of God becoming a man. Not just “any man.” But becoming the LAMB of GOD who has taken away the sin of the WHOLE WORLD! It cannot get any more exciting than that!

He who created all things became part of His Creation!

He who is all powerful – became a helpless baby.

He who can minister to the needs of billions of people for all of eternity – needed to me ministered to just to survive!

He who is Holy and Pure – came to live in a sinful world and among sinners.

He who knows all things became a man who had to be taught how to use the bathroom, how to talk, how to walk and how to interact with others.

He who was in the beginning and ever shall be – became a man and died on the cross.

He who knew exists forever tasted death for every man.

He who lost His entire creation in one instant of time – redeemed it back to Himself in one instant of time!

He who was on the outside of His Creation looking in – is now living IN believers, looking out!

He who could come upon a man and direct his paths is now living inside every believer and directs their paths.

He who lives forever – also lives forever inside of me!

He created man in His image is He who Created Jesus in His image as well…

He who now lives inside of every believer, has Created US in the Image of Jesus – who is in the Image of His Father, OUR Father – The Most High God!

When you understand what God was able to do – through a little baby boy – you can’t help but


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