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407 – South Dakota Apologetics – Brian Johnson Interview pt 1

South Dakota Apologetics – Brian Johnson

On today’s program, I believe you are going to be inspired by the information you are about to hear. I have a special place in my heart for those who can tackle the scientific information and then share it in a coherent manner with those who, like myself, are not as well versed in science – but yet fascinated by it.

I’ve invited today’s guest, Brian Johnson from South Dakota Apologetics, to come back on the program today and discuss some sensitive areas that may step on some cultural toes.  But that’s ok…I do it all the time anyway! Praise God!

Brian, thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to come back on the program with us today.

Ok…although I asked you a question just a minute ago, just kind of slipped that one in…usually, the very first question I ask, is for you tell our listeners about YOU. “Who is Brian Johnson and “What is South Dakota Apologetics?
Brian, one year ago you were on this program…may it doesn’t seem that long ago…but one of the topics we kind of “opened up” but never really nailed back down, well, there were a couple of areas like that…

First, let’s talk about some things that just do not jive with the standard theory of evolution. You have some examples in that area that you discuss and have some knowledge about…share some of those with us.

I also want to get a little deeper in the area of the “young earth/universe discussion. I know last time we talked a little bit about carbon dating and how that is actually NOT a valid way to determine the age of something…and one of the reasons why is the case of Mount St. Helen’s explosion back in, what was it 1981, something like that? How is that example disproving the popular theory of the accuracy of carbon dating?

Let’s talk a little bit about “Dinosaurs and the Bible.”  What can you share with us about that?  Maybe something like, “why did they all seem to die off at the same time?”

Brian, if someone wanted to reach out to you – maybe ask you a question, perhaps ask you to come and speak to their group or something like that, how can they get in touch with you?




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