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488 Last Days or End Days – Tom Donnan pt 3

Last Days or End Days – Tom Donnan


Unprecedented Flooding in Nebraska March 2019

Dams broke, bridges collapsed, crops and livestock lost.

Community comes together


Earth Magnetic pole shift? Moving at about 34 miles per year.

Affects the magnetic fields that protect us from radiation.

Affects the electric grid.

Last polar “flip” shift occurred 780,000 years ago – so we are overdue

Scientists believe we will see a shift in this generation.


Space rocks and the warning information lag

It took over 3 months to report it to the public (an asteroid 10x more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb).


Seattle Washington is dying

(along with other major metropolitan cities on the west coast)

What are they going to do to fix it?  HING: None list God as an option.

Typhus affects LA city hall



Small church buying million-dollar property

House church is planning on purchasing a building for church and grounds for a conference center

Pastor Phil is getting two portable building for additional teaching centers

JFA adding third service and planning on satellite churches.

What Tom Donnan is learning from traveling ministry.

God seems to be gearing up for 2020/ churches entering big building stages (major problems will bring people closer to God).

What can a pastor or church do (wherever they may be located) to enter into what God is about to do in the USA?

As darkness increases, God is preparing for a release of His love and light.




One Door Between Us – Book on Amazon

Tom on FACEBOOK: (Search for) Healing The Nation Ministries

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