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The 808 Podcast and How It Can Help You – Bob Clark pt 2

808 Podcast and How It Can Help You – BOB CLARK

I’ve done several interviews on various podcast over the last few years. I’ve been on some good ones and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations. I’ve also been on some where I was watching the clock and waiting for it to end!  I’ve interviewed several hundred people over the last couple of years as well.

But I was on a podcast a few weeks ago that was so enjoyable, far far exceeding what I had anticipated. I just had to reciprocate and ask BOB CLARK to be on my podcast. I laughed and had a great time on his podcast, the “808 Podcast.” Why “808” you ask? Because it “looks like BOB!

Anyway, my guest today IS “THE BOB CLARK” of the 808 podcast – where everything revolves around BOB (which I could truly relate to)!

Bob Clark is an Internet marketing professional with extensive experience in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in both the political and private sectors. In 2008, Bob got his start in politics running petition crews for various causes. After the 2008 election season, Bob started training politicians on the use of Social Media Marketing and SEO. During this time, he also worked with various local businesses of all sizes, aiding them with marketing their brands via Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Now, help me welcome to the program, THE BOB CLARK!

You were also involved in getting several ballot initiatives in front of the voters, correct?

Ok, let’s shift gears a little bit…

How did you get started in podcasting and why?

I know, when we talked, the “808” podcast was not your first podcast. Why did you start the “808” podcast?

Is your podcast part of that coaching program?

Tell us how you are able to monetize your podcast?

When we talked before, you said that being a “strong willed business owner and a Christian is tough.” I know what you are talking about and agree…But can you explain what you mean to our listeners?

I know that one of the things we both agree is agitating concerns businesses who try to “market” their business through Christian meme’s and postings.  I’m guessing it is an effort to “market” their Christianity and get customers to a non-Christian related business.  What are your thoughts on that marketing tactic?

I agree. I have no problem sharing my Faith, but as Marlon Brando said in the “God Father” – “Business is business.”

In my opinion, IF you have a Christian Business – it’s proper to use Christian meme’s, etc. to market that business. That would be the reason people would be searching you out. But if your business is, I don’t know, selling car tires or something – I’m more interested in the type, quality and price of the tires I’m getting. Your Faith, in my mind, does not really matter at that point.  IF I find out that the price, quality and type of tires meet my needs and then we establish a relationship and I find out about your Faith, I am more likely to be a returning customer. But I’m not looking for a tire dealer based upon Faith.  Does that make sense?  Is that kind of where you are at on this?

You also offer business coaching as part of your business plan. Will you explain what it is you do as part of your coaching program for your clients?

As part of your coaching program, do you also teach others how to monetize their podcast? Is that part of the package deal?

One of the things we talked about was a special summit that you are putting together. I’m going to be getting in on this – as a matter of fact, when we finish this interview, I have a scheduled Zoom appointment with your assistant to discuss the details. How’s that for timing?

But could you tell us a bit about what people will learn on this summit and how they will be able to take part?

Bob, if someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question or talk to you about your coaching services – or even to be on the “808 Podcast” or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

I’ll be putting links to that in the show notes as well.  I will also be putting the link to my interview on YOUR podcast in the show notes.

Folks, I had such a great time on the “808 Podcast” – I want you to watch my interview on Bob Clark’s program. It was a great 8 minutes and 8 seconds!  I just cannot emphasize that enough!

If you want to have a great time and hear some fabulous interactions, you need to subscribe to Bob Clark’s “808 Podcast.”

And – BOB – tell us again, “Why 808?”

Because it looks like BOB. I love it!

I wish I would have thought of that!

That is all the time we have for today.  Go to the show notes, get in touch with Bob Clark!  Sign up for the online Summit – you will learn so much from so many different participants. It is going to be THE summit you will want to attend for 2019.

For THE BOB CLARK and myself, this is Pastor BOB – reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




The 808 Podcast on YouTube:

Get Info on Bob Clark’s Online Summits:

Link to Bob Thibodeau’s interview on the “808 Podcast” –



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