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Aliens Among Us and the Last Days pt 1 – Stan Deyo

Aliens Among Us and the Last Days


Stan Deyo has been called at real life “Indy Jones.” His story is one that I feel you will find intriguing and hard to believe…but I will allow him to present the facts as he sees them – then you must make your own decision. But the graphs and pictures on his website back up the narrative you are about to hear. So I feel his story is one that needed to be shared.  After listening to the podcast episodes, go to his website at www.standeyo.comand look around. Then you make up your own mind.

Talk about the 1982 interview between you and Pres. Trumps uncle, professor John G. Trump – about Tesla’s secret fro extracting limitless free energy from the sun.

Tell us about your work in Australia for the government…the alleged aliens and UFO’s and robots….

Recruited by Dr. Maxfield and Dr. Teller to work on anti-gravity aircraft in 1970.

Parted ways a few years later because he felt the government was covering up too much technology from the public. He believed this new technology could be used for humanitarian uses – but was shut out from further research.

Teller and Maxfield lost control of their projects and it fell into nefarious hands that wants to enforce the “one world order” – using this “alien technology.”

Basically exiled since then until 2001, when he was allowed back into the USA. He was stripped of his citizenship until allowed back into the USA.


Holly Deyo’s Book: Prophetic perils




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