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Aliens Among Us and the Last Days pt 2 – Stan Deyo

Aliens Among Us and the Last Days


Stan discusses how the “End Times” scenario could come about, especially concerning “fallen angels” who will be revealed as “space aliens.” These aliens will come as “peace” representatives who will offer the earth an opportunity for lasting peace – and this will come at a time when all the nations will be at the brink of nuclear war.

We will see an increase in earthquakes; an increase in the likelihood of an asteroid hitting the earth; increase in solar energy threat. We are not totally destitute of the technology to protect us and help us, but we are about to have an “alien encounter” that was spoken of by the writers in the Bible. These Biblical prophets told us about these aliens either coming down from above or another dimension.

These aliens will appear as friendly and will try to help us qualm the threat of war, but will also help us to control nature. Things like the melting polar ice; earthquakes, subsidence of land masses; tidal waves; volcanic eruptions.

One of the scenarios is that “grey’s” will come and threaten us to “get in line or else” – and some that “look like us” that are already here and in place…these “critters” will be loosed and menacing populations everywhere.

Then, suddenly, another “craft” will appear with people “that look like us” and explain that they are coming in peace and they promise to eliminate the “critters.”  Once that is done, they will affirm their will to come “in peace.” They will then offer to put their “leader” in place if the people of the earth will offer to worship them.  As a sign of obedience, the demand will be made for everyone to “receive a mark.”

This was a very interesting interview with Biblical implications.


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