Are You A Rejection Junkie? – Dr Gary Lawrence pt 2

Are You a Rejection Junkie?

Dr. Gary Lawrence pt 2

Dr. Gary Lawrence is a “Freedom Coach” and Certified Life Coach with a lifetime of professional counseling and coaching experience of helping people who are having problems in life. People who are seeking mental and emotional freedom from those problems.

Dr. “G” (as he’s called) is also the author of a great book titled, “Rejection Junkies.” This is a best-selling guide to recognizing the damaging effects of rejection that starts in our younger ages, but continues to hold us hostage well into our adult ages. As a true “Freedom Coach,” Dr. G offers powerful and practical steps we can take to unplug from these “emotional energy thieves” forever! Amen!

Gary and his wife of over 55 years, Sylvia, have spent their entire lives successfully helping others to “Identify, Isolate and Eliminate” the root cause of their problems. They are the founders of “New Life Dynamics Christian Counseling Center” and have been helping folks just like us, over six thousand clients, for the past 23 years. Praise God!

In your book, you discuss, “Emotional Surgery.” Can you explain that for us?

You share that we are a Triune being, Spirit, Soul and Body.  We know our Spirit Man is born again, forgiven, etc. We know we need to keep our “Bodies under subjection.” But the SOUL of man, our “mind, will and emotions,” is the source of our problems. How does this relate to us being a “Rejection Junkie?”

The term, “Rejection Junkie” is symptomatic of seeking “rejection” because that is what we are used to psychologically?

Is this where you use the term, “Generational Pass Down?”

You state in your book that most men have never learned to “love their wife like Christ loved the Church.” Can you share why that is?

Can you share the purpose and meaning between discipline and punishment when it comes to building a child’s self-image?

Again, that all relates to us being a “Rejection Junkie?”

Dr. G, this has been so interesting. How can someone order a copy of your book, “Rejection Junkies?” Is it available on Amazon?

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask questions or maybe sign up for coaching or counseling, etc., how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all this below in the show notes.

Folks, Dr. Gary Lawrence has been living this life, serving thousands of people in overcoming the “Generational Pass Down” and becoming FREE from a lifetime of rejection which has programmed us to be either “survivors” or “escapers.”

In his book, Dr. Gary Lawrence has provided you insight and wisdom in how to “Identify, Isolate and Eliminate” every emotional conflict in your life! Amen!  Praise God!

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Book:  “Rejection Junkies” – on Amazon

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