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The Beauty In Us Update – Nelson Brown pt 1

The Beauty In Us Update – Nelson Brown


Unless you live under a rock, you understand that We live in a world where people have a tendency to believe that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. You’ve heard the adage the “first impressions on lasting impressions.”

My guest today is author Nelson Brown. Nelson was on our program a few months back as we discussed his book titled, “The Beauty In Us: Our Reality.” This book is about a young man of color who is using his age, his gender, and his nationality to discuss his personal struggles with colorism, self image, and self acceptance. Society, as whole, it seems like we always discuss controversial topics regarding body image and acceptance, but often it is heard from a female’s point of view. Nelson’s book is helping to change that perspective. If you missed his prior interview, go back and listen to episodes 445 and 446, as we don’t have time to dive deep into the book again on this interview. But those episodes will give a great perspective of what we are going to continue with the conversation today.

Nelson is a 19-year old environmental science student at the Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville, Maryland. He is the Secretary for the Project Sparks Success Team and he is the artist, editor and a contributing writer to the school’s literary magazine. He is currently employed at the Maryland Department of the Environment with plans on a career in environmental science. He is an evangelist at the Messiah Community Church in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Help me welcome back to the program, Nelson Brown. Nelson, thank you for taking the time to join us today.

Ok, for the sake of those that are just joining us and possibly have not heard your prior interview, let me start with this, “Tell us in your own words, who is “Nelson Brown?”

Nelson, you’ve got a lot going on!

Since we talked last time, I understand you have completed your training as a Small Group Facilitator at our church. Is that correct?  So what are your plans in that area now?

Are you going to pursue a possible future in ministry?

How has your book launch gone so far with your book “The Beauty In Us?”

You are preparing to launch another book in that series, correct?  How is that going?

I heard you are being nominated for “Author of the Year?”  That’s quite an honor!  What organization is that going to be through?

How do you get recognized for that distinction?

And you book is available on Amazon, correct?

I’ll put a link to that in the show notes for everyone to use.

Obviously, you are deeply involved in Environmental Science. Tell us about your work at the Maryland Department of the Environment. How did you get started there at such a young age?

What do you see yourself doing after finishing college in the environmental field?

Will you be doing field work or in a lab or office?

What is your goal with your career plans?  In other words, “What is your WHY” that you trying to accomplish?

Now, you are also planning your own podcast. Is that right?  Tell us about your plans for the podcast?

Will it be an interview type of podcast?

How will you find your guests?

Now, I want to discuss TWO things that about to take place. One is going to happen between the time of this recording today and the time it will be aired in a couple of week… We do have that little time period called “editing” that we have to get through…

But you are part of an event sponsored by the “Project Spark Success Team” on May 2nd. Tell us about that event.

So you are part of a book signing with some other authors as well?  That’s awesome!

And, you, I and a few others are putting together an event for the fall. A book signing event in the Baltimore area. We have not yet worked out the details but the plans are in the works!  I am looking forward to working with you to make that event a great one as well.

Nelson, if some one wants to get in touch with you, maybe to ask a question or do an interview such as this, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, Nelson Brown is as down to earth as you can get. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him! And he has a book that is breaking the taboo on the subject of physical appearance. He is up for “Author of the Year” because of this book as well. This is something that I think you should definitely invest and support him in by purchasing his book. Buy TWO. One for you and one for someone you care about that may be struggling with issues of appearance.

Nelson, thank you for taking the time to come back on the program and to catch us up on all that is happening!  I do appreciate it, brother! And I’m looking forward to putting together this book signing event with you and Dominque Brightmon and a few others this fall. It will be a great event.

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For Nelson Brown and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!



Book “The Beauty In Us: Reality” on Amazon.

Linkedin:  Nelson Brown

Facebook:  Nelson Brown

Twitter:  @Nelson.E.Brown

Instagram:  @Nelson.E.Brown




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