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The Beauty In Us – Nelson Brown pt 1

The Beauty In Us – Nelson Brown pt 1


We live in a world that is often shaped by “first impressions.” You will hear things like, “She looks like a nice person.” Or, “He looks mean.” Or, “He looks like a gang-banger” or any such thing. I know, because of my military training of “never show your emotion,” I was often accused of being “mad at the world” or “not caring” about what my wife was saying.

Why?  Because I had developed a persona of never showing my emotion. My wife’s friends would come over to visit and leave after a few minutes because they thought I was mad at them being there!  Just because I failed to visibly make smiley faces, etc. That was not me.

Well, that can also be taken to an extreme. Many presumptions are made simply based on appearances. My guest today, Nelson Brown, has experienced presumptions on appearances probably on a level most people cannot relate to.

I’ve had Nelson on the program before as I did a couple of interviews with him about the book he wrote on this topic, “The Beauty In Us: Our Reality.”  If you missed those episodes, I encourage you to go back and listen to episodes 445 and 446 in our archives.

Nelson’s book is young man of color who is using his age, his gender, and his nationality to discuss his personal struggles with colorism, self image, and self acceptance. As a society as whole, it seems like we always discuss controversial topics regarding body image and acceptance, but often it is heard from a female’s point of view.

Do you hear many males ever speaking out about their struggles with their body image and their self-esteem? Nelson E. Brown has been embarking on a journey to help boys, girls, men, and women around the world discover who they are and how beautiful they are.

In this book,   He is speaking on behalf of all the men and all of the young boys in communities all around the world who are afraid to speak up. He is also willing to show women and young girls how males carry their insecurities with them each and every day and how they suppress them in the public eye.

Help me welcome to the program, Nelson Brown. Nelson, thank you for taking the time to come back on the program today!

Ok, for the benefit of those that have not heard our prior interviews, catch us up. In your own words, tell us, “Who is Nelson Brown?”

Now, first I want to congratulate you on your book award that you are being honored with. Tell us about the “Newsome Award” you are receiving.

You have been honored by some local politicians – and state politicians – for your book and your work in the community as well, correct?

Before we get into the books, I want to ask you about your small groups ministry at Messiah Community Church as well as some your community outreaches… Tell us what you have been up to in those areas.

You also work for the Maryland Department of the Environment. Tell us about how you got started there and what the future looks like for you.

You said you are a community activist. Explain what you are doing in that area?

You have had a few book signings for your first book, “The Beauty In Us: Our Reality.”  How has the book been received overall?

And you are in the process of writing and editing your next book, “The Beauty In Us: Vulnerable Masculinity.”  I believe this set to be released in February 2020, correct?  Tell us about this book.

And there is already another book planned after that one, if I’m not mistaken. Called, “The Beauty In Us: Our Love, Our Village.”  What is that book about and when will it be available? (May 2021)

How can people get a copy of this book? Is it available on Amazon?

Let’s talk a bit about “Male Body Dysmorphia.” Explain to us what that is and how it relates to you and your books.



Book “The Beauty In Us: Reality” on Amazon.

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