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Black Holes, Dead Birds, Hover Boards and God – Tom Donnan

Black Holes – Dead Birds – Hover Boards and God – Tom Donnan


Tom Donnan had an encounter with God when he died in an ambulance after a “widow maker” heart attack. He had an encounter with God & then he was back! He has been fulfilling that calling ever since. In this series of interviews, we discuss many events happening right now that are possible indications of “The End Times.”

Help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan! Tom, thanks for coming back on the program today!

Now, for the benefit of those listeners who may not have heard any of our prior interviews, briefly tell us, “Who is Tom Donnan?”

Tom, as I was praying about the topics we are going to discuss today, I was inspired to title this episode, “Black Holes, Dead Birds, Hover Boards and God.” I think that will make people stop and ask “What???”

You see, folks, Tom Donnan has a unique gift where he can search out things that demonstrate the Love of God and the Majesty of God and Miraculous of God. He does it in things that are happening around us all of the time. Things that are not usually covered in detail in the news, if at all. But when these things are looked at through the lens of “God and the End Times” – it all makes complete sense!

So, let’s begin by discussing the “Black Hole” that was discussed on a YouTube video. This black hole actually proved that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was true. We talked about this a little on the last episode. But this is so dramatic, I wanted to bring it back up today. This so impacted the scientific community, not only proving there are “time waves” that drift through space, but they are actually looking for possible black holes now in our section of the Galaxy. Tell us about that!

Bringing it a little closer to our own solar system, scientists recently observed something crash into Jupiter. Something so large it caused a huge “flash” as it exploded. Did you see that?  I wonder if that is what is also contributing to the disruption of the “red eye” on Jupiter. Kind of like their own “climate change.”

Speaking of miracles in space, did you see the one of plans to fly a helicopter on Mars? It sounds more like a drone than an actual helicopter, it only weighs 4 pounds (on earth), but I get the idea. What do you think about that one?

Let’s bring it back to earth for a bit…

Did you hear about the huge hail storm in Montana that killed 11,000 birds?  That’s a lot of dead birds just laying on the ground! Some animals will be eating well for awhile, but that’s got to be a cause of concern for disease and stuff, don’t you think?

Let’s make it personal a bit.  You had heart problems. Did you hear about efforts to make, basically, a 3D printing of a human heart?  How weird would that be?  Yeah, actually, it is artificial collagen, but still, that video is amazing.

Let’s finish up on a rather light hearted topic. Did you see the movie “Back to the Future? Where Marty McFly uses a “Hoverboard?”  Did you see the vide0 where a French inventor has actually created one?  And he flew it across the English Channel?  How weird would that be to a fisherman and see that go by you?  It kind of reminds me of the disciples who freaked out when Jesus was walking on the water as if to pass them.  I know what my grandkids will want for Christmas now, though.

Well, Tom. We are about out of time for today. If someone wanted to get in touch with you, ask a question or do an interview such as this, how can they do that?

You’ve written a few books along the way. I’m going to put links to those as well as you contact information down in the show notes as well.

Folks, that is all the time we have for today. Go to the show notes below and get in touch with Tom Donnan. And be sure to get his books, available through the links below as well.

For Tom Donnan and myself, this is Pastor Bob Thibodeau reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!


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