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Caffeine Marketing – Evan Knox pt 1

Caffeine Marketing – Evan Knox pt 1

Are you in business? It could be traditional or online. Major corporation or a solopreneur. You could have been in business for years or just a few days and just starting out.No matter where you fall along that timeline, marketing has to enter the equation. You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing that you think should work great…only to have it completely fail. And you have no clue as to why. You can adjust and try again – and fail.

Or, you can look around and ask someone for help. Especially if you are just now experimenting with marketing, you may have a hard time trying to decide just what marketing will work; who to work with; if they can actually provide the results you seek.

Well, if that even comes close to describing what you are doing or feeling right now, you want to pay attention to this interview.

My guest today is Evan Knox with Caffeine Marketing.  As much as I love good, bold, coffee – this has to be good. Amen!

Evan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and is a small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. As an investor Evan helps small companies double, and sometimes even triple, their bottom line. And if you are looking at marketing or having an issue with, Evan is the guy you want to reach out and talk to.  He has helped over 100 business leaders to grow thriving companies.

“Who is Evan Knox?”

You did some Christian missions work straight out of high school, correct?  Where was that at?

I read that you started – and then finished – your Bachelors Degree in five months?  How did you do that?

True confession minute here…I joined the Army straight out of high school. Took some classes, hit and miss and usually one at a time. But it took me 9 years to get my Associates Degree. It then took me 9 more to finish my Bachelors. BUT – I got my Masters Degree in only two years (once I started).

Why did you start Caffeine Marketing?

Let’s do a generalization here. Describe the general, common client that comes to you looking for help? What type of situation do most of them start off with?

How do you help someone to grow their company when they first come to you? What is the first thing you look for?

Things were not always smooth for you. Even though you say you grew up with everything you could ever want. There had to be some adversity in your life. What were some of those things and what did you learn through the adversity?

Is it true you have doubled your bottom line for three years running?

And that is something you help business owners to do when they come to you?

What are some of the best qualities that you have seen in effective leaders?




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