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Christian Writers Collective – Stephanie Reynolds

Christian Writers Collective

Stephanie Reynolds

Do you have a great testimony? Do you have a desire to be in a published work that will inspire others? Do you have a desire to inspire others with an opportunity to make a little side income at the same time? Do you desire to do all of this to help inspire others with their Christian walk?

Well, if you answered yes to those questions, you will want to pay attention to what we will talk about in these next few minutes.

My guest today is Stephanie Reynolds, CEO and founder of the “Christian Writers Collective, LLC.” The “Christian Writers Collective” is seeking 100 Christian authors to contribute to its book series that will be published at the same pace of the bestselling series of secular inspirational books. The plan is to publish one inspirational book each month as part of their “Jesus Can…” book series.

Stephanie started writing at the prompting of Chuck Swindoll and started out by journaling and then expanded into writing a Christian newsletter for moms. She also has a background in magazine writing, freelance commercial writing and specialized in providing content for websites. Now, she is tackling this project on behalf of the “Christian Writers Collective.”

Help me welcome to the program, Stephanie Reynolds. Stephanie, is so good to have you come on the program and share all about this adventure with our listeners!

First question, I always start with this question first, other than that brief bit of information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Stephanie Reynolds?”

So, how did this project evolve? What inspired you to take on a project like this?

Give us a brief overview of the project?

This is so interesting. What kinds of testimonials are you seeking?

How does this work? What will each person have to do to participate? You can’t be the only one doing all the work on this, right?

What is the primary goal you hope to accomplish by organizing this effort?

You explained some of the responsibilities for each person that wants to participate, what do they get out of their participating in this project?

I know, from what I’ve read in preparing for your interview today, that you initially wanted to launch this project the first week of October. Can you explain why and when you WILL be launching the first book?

What is the cutoff date again for having submissions sent to you for the first book?

FIRST BOOK: Apply BEFORE September 9, 2020

Stephanie, this all sounds like something Christians should be participating in. Even if they are not authors, is there any type of crowd funding or any way someone can send in donations to help with the expenses of this project? Go to

If someone wants to get in touch with you, how can they do that?

And they can use that same information to submit their testimony to you as well?

Folks, if you have a testimony that has inspired others when you shared it, this may be something you want to submit it to as well. Who knows, your testimony could be selected for the book and it will inspire perhaps millions of people around the world! That is the purpose for a testimony, right?

Get in touch with Stephanie today. Go down into the shown notes and use those links to reach out and participate in this great venture. Who knows, you could end up with some residual income that will be a blessing to you as well.




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