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Christians Alert! – Richard Ferguson pt 1

Christians Alert! – Richard Ferguson pt 1


You’ve heard me talking about how the liberal left of our society is destroying this nation from within. Numerous modern day men of God have discussed the Spiritual repercussions of the immoral laws being pushed on Americans today.

These laws were designed to do one thing – destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage. With the foundations of this nation destroyed, it makes it easier for the evil one to confuse the minds of the next generation…and the next one after that….and the next one after that, until all memory of what once was – is gone.

We see that happening in America right now.

It is not just happening in the churches of America. It is happening in the very foundation that our Founding Fathers established to keep this nation free. The  “Checks and Balances” that formed our Republic have been destroyed, right before our very eyes. And it seems nobody notices or even cares.

My guest today has released a book that details this spiritual battle being played out in front of our eyes on the daily news. And it is being accomplished by the evil powers that be in Washington, DC.  It is happening with the full cooperation of what was once considered the “watch dogs” over Washington politics – the media.

Richard Ferguson’s book is titled, “Christians Alert! Democrats Are Attacking Our Country. What Can We Do About It?”  This book details the radical left Democrat Party and and how they are banning together with the liberal media to attack and destroy the very fabric, the foundations or our beloved Republic.

Richard Ferguson started life in rough neighborhoods and a very rough childhood. But his first of many Godly experiences occurred over 30 years ago while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Ever since then, he has been on a spiritual journey seeking God’s Truth of creation. As a result, he took on studies which resulted in academic degrees in chemistry, physics, philosophy and Master’s Degrees in business, theology and pastoral ministry. Additionally, he has a scientific background and also worked with NASA in their planetary branch studying extraterrestrial phenomena.

Help me welcome to the program, Richard Ferguson. Richard, thank you for taking the time to come on the program today!

The first question I always ask is this. Other than that short bio I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Richard Ferguson?”

I have to ask, what happened over the Pacific Ocean that changed your direction in life from what you were doing to one seeking God’s Truth?

You’ve put together a very impressive resume along the way. What was it like working for NASA and how did that help you to seek God’s Truth?

Let’s shift gears now to your book, “Christians Alert!”

What sparked you into writing this book?

In your book, you share how, in your opinion, the media is in league with the Democrat Party. Can you explain that relationship?

Let’s talk about all of the “impeachable offenses” the Democrats have accused President Trump about:

  1. Asking the Russians for help in the 2016 election.
  2. Colluding with the Russians to cover up the election interference.
  3. Now the Ukrainian phone call.

Let’s talk for a minute about some of the things the Democrats have not had any interest in looking into:

  1. Hillary and Obama’s Benghazi cover up.
  2. Hillary’s Uranium One deal and Bill Clinton’s payoff for the foundation from the Russians.
  3. Hillary’s emails.
  4. Hillary’s destruction of evidence.
  5. Hillary’s campaign hiring the Ukrainians to find “dirt” on Trump and interfering in 2016 election.
  6. Obama Whitehouse using the IRS as a political weapon.
  7. Obama Whitehouse sending $1.5 Billion to Iran – in cash!
  8. Obama Whitehouse supervising the spying of a political opponent (Donald Trump) using CIA and FBI assets.
  9. FBI lying on FISA court documents to obtain search warrants (on Trump Administration officials)
  10. They refuse to even LOOK AT the situation where Joe Biden, while a sitting Vice President, forced the Ukrainian president to fire a prosecutor who was launching an investigation into Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.
  11. And they refuse to even take up the possibly compromising situation of Hunter Biden and his dealings with the Ukraine and China.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, maybe to ask a question or even to do an interview such as this, you want them to go through your publisher, correct?




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