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Complacency and Deception Today – Tom Donnan pt 1

Complacency and Deception Today – Tom Donnan pt 1

It is no secret that the Founding Fathers of this nation were Christian through and through. There have been reports lately that try to disprove that. But if you look at the personal letters they wrote (which have survived) and the public letters and speeches they wrote – they are filled with scripture references! 

Not scripture references like you hear some people today quote. You know, when they try to quote the Bible to make a point. They are attempting to “wow” you that they know a scripture or two, so you should vote for them.

No, our Founders knew the Bible better than any Masters of Theology professor today! Remember, this was before radio and tv. So many of them would spend the early mornings and the late evenings reading the Bible!  Some made a habit of reading the Bible completely through, three or four times in one year! They KNEW the scriptures!

They would lace scriptural references throughout their writings, in examples and just plain talk. Some speeches contained as much as 75% scripture references!  You never see any politician do that today! 

But they did not have to say, “As the Bible says in “such and such” scripture…” No. The people of that day knew the Bible’s also! So when these leaders would simply talk and reference the scripture in their messages, the people knew what they were talking about!

Well, it’s not like that today. Even life long church members do not know how to find scripture in the Bible anymore! That is why almost all the churches post the scriptures on the big screen in the sanctuary! You rarely hear a preacher today say, “Turn in your Bibles to such and such and read with me…” Because the people are to Biblical illiterate to understand what that means!

But, these are all signs of the end times as detailed in the Bible. The Bible is very clear about the “falling away” that will take place today…I mean in the last days…which we are in TODAY. 

To help us talk about this situation and to offer the ONLY solution to this problem, is our good friend, Tom Donnan. Now, if you have been listening to us in our past interviews, you know as well as I do, that we have no clue where the Lord is going to lead this conversation! Praise God! We just kind of “flow with the Spirit” when Tom is here! Amen!

Help me welcome to the program, Tom Donnan!  Tom, thanks for coming back on the program today!

Alright, let’s go ahead and grab the bull by the horns…I’m fired up about this topic today, as  you can probably tell. Let’s start this right off and talk about COMPLANCEY in the church today!  The Book of Daniel talks about this, right?

And something that a lot of American’s do not realize – even a lot of preachers do not want to admit – that America IS NOT listed as one of the influential nations in the end times. How can that be?

Are we described in the Book of Revelation, in the letter to the Laodiceans’ as a “luke warm” church?

You travel a lot. Have you noticed the differences in the culture just off the shores of America? Say in the Caribbean nations? You’d think being that close to the blessed nation of the USA that their culture and standard of living would be a lot better than it is. Why do you think that exists? 


Tom Donnan asked Pastor Phillip Corbett to write about the Presence of God.

Pastor Phillip Corbett

Tom Donnan asked Pastor Ron Pratt permission to tell two of his experiences with the presence of God.

Pastor Ron Pratt

Tom Donnan has written a small book on what happens to the life of a pastor who inherits the Presence of God in a book called: Pastors and the Presence of God.

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