Dreams and Visions in the Last Days – Tom Donnan pt 3

Dreams and Visions in the Last Days

Tom Donnan pt 2

Is the United States at the precipice of destruction?

Some say “God would never let that happen. The United States is a nation formed by people that loved God and has God’s blessings.”

My response is: “So did Israel. Yet, He let them get overrun and dispersed across the globe.”

Our friend, Tom Donnan, is back today. Tom always brings timely perspective to current events we see in the news. This is conclusion of a great three part interview with Tom. If you missed the prior two episodes, go back and catch up! There was a lot of great information Tom shared that I don’t have the time to replay today. Amen!

2018 – “hearing visions.” Sounds nobody else can hear.

July 2018 – the loudest sound to date. A violent explosion high in the sky coming from the SE moving NW – then returns again from the NW. Could this be a nuclear explosion, with the outflow followed immediately by the return of rushing air back to the origin?

October 2020 – a dream where “time has run out.”

Heavy burdens that actually cause physical pain…

Is God using burdens to push His people towards Him?

What is the ONLY thing that can stop these types of calamities from happening?

National Repentance and Personal Repentance!

Folks, everything we’ve been sharing, not just today, but for the last couple of years, IS COMING TO PASS right before our eyes. This just confirms that the soon return of Jesus is closer than ever. I have talked to some people who do not believe the next election will even take place in this country. Will all of this happen BEFORE Jesus comes back? Or is His return even closer than the next election? WE don’t know. But if you are not prepared for it – you will miss out on it. And then the real problems begin.

Folks, reach out to Tom Donann or you can email me at brotherbob@ftfm.org and let us know that you prayed that prayer of salvation. We want to rejoice with you. Amen!


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