End Time Living – David Heeren pt 2

End Time Living

David Heeren pt 2

My guest today is David Heeren. David was on our program back in July of 2021 and if you missed his great interview then, you can go to our archives and search for episodes 942 and 943.

David Heeren has a life history of logical study of statistics. In fact, he is the statistician that created the system used today for rating basketball players and teams. And he created this way back in 1961 while working for the New York Knicks – and it is still used worldwide today! Amen!  He knows numbers. He knows facts. He knows how to put them together to develop logical programs that really tell the story.

David has spent the better part of the last 16 years studying the Bible and other references. His most recent book is “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All is Well!”

David says there is evidence indicating we have entered the early phase of the “end of days.” Yet, he remains optimistic. His book, “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All is Well!” defines a Christian lifestyle that will produce fulfillment and joy – even under the prophesied duress of the end-times. David shares that no matter what believers must endure during the tribulation, and no matter how bad things get, those who stand firm for Jesus until the end WILL be Blessed! Amen!

What are some future things that are beginning to take shape on the horizon now, that Jesus also referred to as happening in the end times?

Our main focus should be on evangelism and sharing the Word with those who are lost an on their way to hell. I mean, if they persist in rejecting the Word of God and offer of salvation in, by and through Christ Jesus, that is there ultimate destination.

But those efforts are being thwarted by laws and human powers now, more than ever. What should we be prepared for as the time draws closer to wrapping up, what is known as “The Christian age?”

What kinds of things should we, individually and collectively as a body of believers, what kinds of things should we prepare for, good or bad, as that time draws near?

We will be facing things that Christians have not faced since the Roman times, for the most part. How can believers prepare for what you are sharing with us – so we do not falter under the pressure?

You say there is one important issue not being discussed in End-Time living. What is that thing?

David, in your book (and in the Bible, for that matter), we are told that “those who endure to the end will be blessed.”

As we prepare for the “end of times” in this world, what will life be like for the believers who refuse to “bow” to the mandates of this world?

David, this has been so interesting. How can someone obtain a copy of your book, “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All is Well!” – is it available on Amazon?

Folks, as I said in the beginning of this program, there is absolutely no doubt – and after talking with David Heeren today, there should be absolutely no doubt in your mind, that we are living in the last of the last days before all of this wraps up. Time, as we know it, is about to end. For believers, that is victory!  We enter into our Eternal rest with Jesus and other believers forever. But for those that cling to this world – what they will be entering into is indescribable pain and torment – forever.

We need to share the Gospel with everyone we meet. Especially our family and friends, start there. And, as David Heeren as detailed for us in his book “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All is Well!” – we need to be prepared to stand for our Faith. Never wavering.

How long should we be prepared to stand?  For as long as it takes – even to the end.  The scripture says, “Having done all to stand – stand therefore…” If you are prepared to stand forever, you will find out you don’t have to stand there for long.

We need to share LIFE to a dying world. We need to share THE LIGHT in the midst of darkness. We need to share the TRUTH in the midst of the lies and corruption we see all around us.

I believe David Heeren’s new book, “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All is Well!” would make a great Christmas gift for everyone on your list this year. It is a Word in season that can change the destiny of someone you love and care about.

Drop down into the show notes, click the links and order your copies today.



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Book:  “End-Time Living: Despite Conflict and Hardship – All Is Well” – on Amazon

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