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Episode 434 – Connecting the Unchurched Back Into Church – Antonio Smith Jr Interview pt 3

Church for the Unchurched – Antonio Smith, Jr. Interview


Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast today. We are blessed every time you join us and we pray that you will be blessed beyond measure today!

Today, I have a very special guest for you.  Antonio Smith, Jr. is – how can I say this and communicate the awesomeness of how great God is?  Antonio Smith, started off his young childhood by being placed in Child Protective Services at age six. He failed fifth grade and sixth grade. In high school, he was mentored by someone who seen his potential. I’m not going to get into the story, I’ll him share it – but it is a God Inspiring, awesome testimony. To go from humble beginnings to what he does today.

Today, he runs an organization, The Antonio Smith Jr. Company, that specializes in connecting those who are separated from the church – back to the church. He also helps them to experience financial freedom. He also helps folks to develop high self esteem. He also helps people in personal development. He is able to help YOU, if you will let him.

I am so blessed to have Antonio on the program today so, help me welcome to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast, Antonio Smith, Jr.  Antonio, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us today?

I knew I could not do your background justice. So this will flow right into my first question. The first question I always start out with is this. Tell us, in your own words, “Who is Antonio Smith Jr.?”

Antonio, how long have you been operating your company?

How did you actually get started in this business helping “Level C” executives?

What was the spark that ignited this fire inside of you?

I understand, from reviewing your website, about your desire to help others. I think you’re doing an awesome and needful work.  But when it comes to connecting people back to church, isn’t there a “disconnect” between those you try to reach and the church? How do you bridge that gap?

  1. We are all connected (unchurch & churched)
  2. There is more than enough
  3. More Grace than Truth

Why do people leave the church to begin with?

(Part 2)  I seen a statistic recently that said something like, kids brought up in church will leave at about 14-15 and not come back. Where is the disconnect?  What are churches doing wrong?

Tradition = Living Faith of the Death

Traditionalism = Dead Faith of the Living

If so many young people are leaving the church, what are they replacing the church with in their life?

What are young people actually looking for from their church leaders?

They want Christ to be real…

Why do you think traditional churches are empty?  I know many pastors will be upset with that question, but that’s ok…

Is it true that churches go through a life cycle, just like natural life? I mean, young families leave their parents church to attend a church with a pastor and people about their own age. Then, they have kids that are brought up in that church. As those kids get older, they leave – because the people there are “old” now.  With no younger people coming in, the congregation gets older and older and begin to die off.  And the process repeats itself – but in a different church.  Have you seen that?

(Part 3)  How can do reach an audience that is not physically present? Internet?

What is the difference between church and religion?

Religion = “either – or”

Church = Build the Kingdom

Are we living in a time of religion rather than a time for church?

How do you lead people during times like this?

Be like Thomas Edison = find out what does not work and don’t do it anymore

One Rule Only = Nobody ever suffers alone

Do you tie people into local churches? By that, I mean, let’s say someone reaches out to you from California. Do you have a network of churches that you will tie them into in their local region?

Speaking of Joel Olsten, what would say to those who dislike his preaching style, etc.?

Antonio, if someone wants to get in touch with you, to ask a question or maybe even do an interview such as this. How can they get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes.

Antonio, thank you so much for your time today. I truly appreciate you coming on the program and blessing our listeners. I pray that God will continue to bless the work you are doing for the Kingdom.

Folks, that is all the time we have for today. I highly recommend you get in touch with Antonio Smith, Jr. He is the real deal. He will be able to help go from where you are to where you are supposed to be!  God has a plan for your life. Sometimes we need help to find the path. Sometimes we need help while on the path. Antonio and his team will help fill that void. Amen.

So, for Antonio Smith, Jr and myself, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau reminding you BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!


To get in touch with Antonio Smith, Jr. – please visit  use the contact form.

OR – you can email Pastor Bob directly at

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