Episode 437 – Fight Against False Teaching – Jesus Third Message to the Modern Church – John Meacham pt 2

Fight Against False Teaching

Jesus Third Message to the Modern Church – John Meacham


Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to thank you for joining us on the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast today. We have a special guest for you today, a good friend of our ministry is back and I know you will be getting a lot of information that will bless you today. So get your note pad and pen ready, because these interviews go fast…it seems like we just get started and it’s time to end – anytime we talk with John Meacham.

John Meacham has served Christ’s Church as a Christian author, lay pastor, supply preacher, elder, workshop leader, small-group coordinator, Bible-study instructor, and Sunday-school teacher. As a part of his church work, John developed a small-group program titled AIM (An Involved Membership) and prepared a group study guide for the book “Is Your Church Heavenly? A Question from Christ for Every Christian” (published in 2008)

John was born on 1951 in Hickory, NC. He grew up the son of faithful Presbyterian parents. However, despite loving instruction and example from his parents and the Presbyterian Church and until his conversion at age 31, he thought the story of Jesus was a lie. Two days after his birthday in 1982, he learned the truth of Christ and has been proclaiming it ever since.

JohnMeacham spent eight days at the Sea of Galilee in 2005. During this time, he received a new revelation from Christ that involved messages that spoke of the state of the seven churches in today’s modern time. His previously released work, ‘Is Your Church Heavenly?’ details both his experience and the messages he received, and I recommend that book to you.

The Presbyterian church, which is your background, has endorsed homosexuality and things like that. What is your opinion on this?

How can we have “Heaven in our daily lives?” Studying the Word is one way, what else?

Again, it makes me so mad I want to puke sometimes just listening to their garbage rants…I know that is going to step on some spiritual toes out there…but “Get over it!”  I have prayed and 2019 is the year I have sensed from the Lord to expose the lies of the church…to expose the FAILURE of the American Church…to expose HOW THE AMERICAN CHURCH SOLD IT’s SOUL to the devil and allowed the sheep to be slaughtered…

I know it is not going to be a popular year as I take the messages the Lord has given me and, basically, “call the church pastors on the carpet” before the Lord. I’m already taking some fire on my position, so to speak, and it is only ONE SUNDAY into the New Year of 2019 at the time of this recording!  That tells me I have hit a “spiritual nerve” that runs right through some pastors hearts and is connected directly to the one they serve – and it isn’t God.

They may think it is. And I have no doubt they are born again believers. But it is becoming influenced by the worldly lusts, worldly fame, worldly riches and Political correctness…they need to get back to the Truth in God’s Word. We are called to be “light in the darkness.” We are not called to preach worldly truth, but BIBLICAL TRUTH!

John, if someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask questions or to do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

Anyway, we can talk more about this as we continue these interviews. We are all out of time for today.

Well folks, as I said, this was going to be good. I believe you heard from the Lord today. If you are listening through iTunes, please leave a rating and a comment. If you are listening through our website or through one of the many platforms our program is heard on, please leave a comment below. That is what the search engines use to help us be found online. That will help us to “Get the Word Out!” Amen!

For John Meacham and myself, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau, reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

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