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Four Pillars of Soundness – Ken Bator pt 3

The Four Pillars of Soundness for Supporting Law Enforcement – Ken Bator pt 3


Many of you know my story. I am a 12 year active Army Veteran with 9 years enlisted and 3 years as a Commissioned Cavalry Officer. After the military, I had my own business for about 7 years before I fulfilled a life long goal and became a Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Maryland. So I have a special place in my heart for our Veterans and also for supporting our Law Enforcement brothers and sisters out there protecting us each and every day.

Many people do not realize some of the pressures police officers face on a daily basis. Every single day they leave home may the their last. Every car they approach on a traffic stop may be a mass murderer who is trying to make their escape, or a drug addict who just committed armed robbery. The cop pulls them over for a burned out headlight, but the person driving the car thinks, “They’re onto me…” Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous forms of activities for law enforcement – along with domestic disturbance calls.

But all of this is accomplished, willingly, by the men and women serving this nation in law enforcement. At the same time, there are unique things that must be considered in managing the financial affairs of the men and women in blue. Car loans, mortgages, credit lines, direct deposit, credit cards, etc. (only to name a few).

But most banks and credit unions are not geared to the needs of the law enforcement community. Typically, they are “general” in nature and try to serve everyone. This works…to an extent. But what if there was a unique organization that served the needs of the law enforcement personnel. That would be great, right?

What if there was an organization that specialized in the sharing of ideas and helping the front line organizations, especially credit unions, coordinate their benefit programs. This would help those that are helping those that are serving our communities.

Well, my guest today, is part of such an organization. The Police Officers’ Credit Union Association is where institutions that serve the law enforcement world can find resources and support.  And they do not need to be large, multi-billion-dollar, multi-branch organizations either. The Police Officers’ Credit Union Association helps organizations of any size.  The Police Officers’ Credit Union Association not only provides a forum for networking and the sharing of ideas, but also helps to create avenues for true collaboration. This collaboration provides the organizations that are serving the LEO community the ability to develop revenue-generating programs and business-growth programs in order to serve the LEO families at a higher level.

Ken Bator has more than 20 years of experience in helping organizations reach new levels of effectiveness by helping them to align their brand, their culture and their strategy. Ken hosts two podcasts himself. The “Beyond the Call” podcast for Law Enforcement Professionals and the “Cool Culture Culture” podcast for service based businesses. Ken was born and raised in Chicago. He has a BS in Finance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from DePaul University. He is the founder of both, the Bator Training & Consulting firm and also the Police Officers’ Credit Union Association. Ken is the author of “The Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning: The 90 Day Quick Fix for the Business Owner or Manager” and also the book “The Formula for Business Success = B+C+S,” both of which can be accessed through the links in the show notes below.

Tell us about the “Four Pillars of Soundness.”

And how does the “Police Partner Program” tie into that?

Now, you had a rough time in the past – which directly led to you being the entrepreneur that you are. You lost your job unexpectedly which led to your “Formula for Success” book. Tell us about that time in your life…

So, “Brand, Culture and Strategy Alignment” has that led to what you are doing now?

Let me go back to the POCUA for a minute. How does that association support your entrepreneur efforts?

Let’s talk about your “Beyond the Call” Podcast.  When did you start that podcast and why?

Your podcast is not just related to credit union issues with LEO, correct?

Ken, if someone wanted to get in touch with you…to ask a question, or maybe to do an interview such as this – or to get some information on the Police Credit Union Association – how can they do that?  How can they get in touch with you?

I’ll be putting links to all of that in the show notes below.

Folks, I want to recommend to you both of Ken’s books. The “Formula for Success” will give you the “B+C+S” formula that will take you from where you are at to where you need to be. His book, “The Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning” will serve you as you plan, not just for in the short term, but strategically, in the long term as well. Go to the links in the show notes and it will take you directly to Amazon where you can get those books. Add them to your reading list and go to the next level. And if you are in Law Enforcement or have a friend or family member in law enforcement, click on the links below and get in touch with Ken. Listen to and subscribe to his podcast. The information on his programs is absolutely applicable, actionable and will help you immensely.

Ken, thank you again for taking the time to come on the program today.

That’s all the time we have. For Ken Bator and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




“Beyond the Call” Podcast:

“Cool Culture” Podcast:

Book: The Pocket Guide To Strategic Planning on Amazon

Book:  The Formula for Business Success on Amazon



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