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Freedom and Liberty Under Attack – Steve Cassell pt 3

Freedom and Liberty Under Attack

Steve Cassell pt 3

We are going to be concluding this great interview with my good friend Pastor Steve Cassell of the Beloved Church in Lena, Illinois. This is part three of our interview and if you missed any, and I mean any of the preceding two episodes, well, you need to go back and catch up.

Pastor Steve Cassell was the first pastor in America to file legal challenges against executive orders during the pandemic which shut down churches in America.

He was the lone voice speaking out against the illegal executive orders mandating that everyone had to wear masks, stop attending church services and limiting the freedom of assembly and, basically, keeping people under house arrest and destroying small businesses in America.

Do you see the church entering a period of revival because of all the chaos going on around us?

It amazes me how clearly we can see events accelerating to what the Bible calls, “the last days and the soon return of Jesus,” but yet, it seems nobody wants to discuss that. It’s almost as if they are afraid of, literally, “scaring the hell out of somebody.” But that is what is needed right now. We need to “scare the hell out of people” because if not, they will be going to hell.

This all relates to, what is called, the finished work on the cross. Jesus accomplished it all – and told us to go forth and occupy until He returns. I think the church has abdicated that responsibility, raised the white flag and surrendered society to the devil.

But, that goes back to what Jesus said, the path is narrow and there are few that will find it. But the path that leads to destruction is wide. I think we can see the path the leaders of this nation are leading us down.

That just means true, Spiritual leaders, such as yourself and others, going against the grain, going against the current of culture, are fighting to stay on the narrow path that leads to eternal life.

Pastor Steve, if someone wanted to get in touch with you, maybe get some additional information on your ministry or your church, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying true to the Word of God. True to those who are actually leading the fight against tyranny and the destruction of this nation, formed as a Christian nation by our forefathers, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, founded on the Word of God. But a nation that is rapidly devolving into a horde of satanic worship from the office of the president on down. Very few are speaking out against the immorality that is taking place. And even fewer are doing anything about it.

I encourage you to get in touch with Pastor Steve. Ask your questions. Sign up and stay in touch with his ministry.



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