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Growth Hacking Your Business – Jess Tiffany pt 2

Growth Hacking Your Business

Jess Tiffany pt 2

Jess Tiffany is the CEO of Jess Tiffany Consulting and the Marketing and Networking University, which is an online business education platform and is a speaker, strategist and marketing consultant from the Minneapolis, MN area. He is also the author of the best selling book, “Growth Hacking: How to Strategically Grow Your Business Connections from Zero to $10K in 365 Days.” He coaches businesses in more than 100 different strategies to cause massive growth in company sales and profits. He also has an online version called “52 Week Industry Domination Training. His website is

I know there is lot of people trying to go on social media to make a huge impact on their business success. They will spend money on FaceBook Ads and things like that. But when the results are not what they expected, they think social media just won’t work. What is the correlation between the size of your following and the success of your business?

What type of content do you post and how often?

Is this something anyone can do? Should they have some type of business?

LinkedIn is also for people looking for jobs…

Relationship on social media is really how the successful businesses became successful in the first place, correct?

What about outsourcing some aspects of the business? I’ve grown our radio ministry to the point where it is actually holding me back trying to do it all myself. I’ve come to the point where a Virtual Assistant is now going to free me up from the routine tasks and focus on the growth aspect. Do you see a lot of that?

What advice would you give someone when it comes to using a VA or Freelancer when it comes to scaling their business?

Obviously, you specialize in helping businesses. You have an awesome set up and you specialize in helping businesses find those hidden dollars, etc. Do you recommend that people, and businesses, have a mentor?

As we get ready to close, I do have a question that has been floating around in the back of my mind. Could you tell us about the time you jumped into a cougar den at the zoo and what you learned from that experience?

I just had to put that in there. I thought that was so interesting when I read it.

Jess, if someone wanted to get a copy of your book, it’s on Amazon as well as through your website, correct?

And if someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question, perhaps a business wants to ask about your services, or to ask you come and speak to their group, how can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

Folks, growing your business does not have to be hard. If you have someone who can help you scale and show you how to do it. The work will still be up to you, but with that extra set of eyes, you will be able to see things that were right in front of you, but hidden, a whole lot easier. Jess Tiffany has the experience and the resources to help you do just that. Go to the links down below. Order his book and start there. If you want to get more information on possibly bringing Jess Tiffany into work with your business, go to the links down below and request the information!

If you do not do that one simple thing, clicking the link and asking – you will simply remain at the level you are at right now. Or grow a lot slower than what you could. Click the links and find out. It’s that simple.


LinkedIn (refer to the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast):


Book: “Growth Hacking: Strategically Grow Your Business Connections from Zero to $10K in 365 Days” – on Amazon

LinkedIn Marketing “Cheat Sheat” –

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