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Health, Healing and Wholeness – Tracy Crump pt 1

Health, Healing and Wholeness

Tracy Crump pt 1

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone around you has given up hope? Where the one left that could do anything at all was God? I know I have. I know most of you probably have  had to experience that at one time or another, right?

Now, imagine if your career caused you to experience these things on almost a daily basis. Imagine if you had to go to work KNOWING that you were going to be placed in a situation where, not just individuals, but families, multiple people would be facing hopeless situations right in front of you, all day long…

That would be the career choice our guest initially made, working as an ICU nurse and caregiver where she continued to offer hope and encouragement no matter the situation. She did this knowing, that often, we don’t always get to experience healing in this life the way we want it to happen.

Tracy Crump may have started out as an ICU nurse, but after five years, she transitioned into what she considers her most important career ever, raising her children and providing home schooling for her two boys.

Through the process of time, she found she had a knack for storytelling and, eventually writing. She has written in over 100 pieces of published works, including numerous pieces that were published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” praise God!  Her articles have been featured in many national magazines has appeared in “Guideposts” books as well as “The Upper Room,” “Light from the Word” and many other devotional publications. She also does proof reading for the “Farmers Almanac” and is a freelance editor and presents writers workshops through “Write Life Workshops” and at writers conferences across the country.

Now, after accomplishing all of that, she is releasing her first book in June 2021 titled, “Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness.” Praise the Lord – help me welcome to the program, Tracy Crump!

Tracy, thank you for taking the time to join us today on the program…

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, could you tell us in your own words, “Who is Tracy Crump?”

Let’s start with your nursing career. What made you want to go into nursing to begin with?

How did your Faith allow you to minister to those experiencing life altering, if not life ending, situations for themselves or family members and loved ones?

Did these situations ever shake your Faith and make you ask “Why, God? Why?”

Was leaving your nursing career a hard choice to make, considering all of the time and money spent on college and getting to that point in your career?

How difficult was it for you to implement a dedicated and successful home schooling program?

What challenges did you face when you started home schooling?

How did you get involved with writing during this time?

Let’s talk a bit about some of your published works.  You have 30 articles in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series?

And you have been published in other anthologies as well, right? Can you share some of them that our readers may recognize?

You’ve written articles for “Focus on the Family” as well, correct?

You have also been published in “Woman’s World,” “Lifeway Publications” and other periodicals, correct?

But none of these were ever a “book.” These were articles or chapters, basically, like for “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” What took so long for you to decide to take the plunge and write your first book?

Your book, “Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness” is a devotional with thirty different inspirational but with a focus on health issues. Is that correct?

What made you decide to create this as a devotional?

How does your book differ from other devotionals? Is it the focus on health related issues?

These thirty devotionals, are they based on true life experiences or are they a compilation of general situations that you have put into story form to get your point across? Like Jesus and His parables?

Folks, we all have a story to tell. We all have had experiences in life that have taught us something. All of us can help someone else as they go through things in life that, at times, may not seem fair. But it is life. And your experiences could offer encouragement and hope to those who have never gone through these things before. I want to encourage you to order Tracy Crumps new book, “Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness.”





Book: “Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness.” – on Amazon


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