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Israel Stands Against Supporters of Terrorism – David Rubin pt 2

Israel Stands Against Supporters of Terrorism – David Rubin pt 2

David Rubin is a former mayor of Shiloh, Israel – in the region of Samaria, which together with Judea, is known to much of the world as the West Bank. He is founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) – dedicated to healing the trauma of child victims of terrorist attacks, as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel through the children. He founded this organization after he and his then three-year old son were wounded, but thankfully survived, a terrorist attack on the car they were in. You can get in touch with David Rubin at www.DavidRubinIsrael.comor at

David has been on our program before as we discuss some current events in the news concerning Israel and the United States. I always look forward to our insightful conversations as he brings a perspective to current events not usually understood here in the United States.

Land for Peace is a false narrative being pushed on Israel.

Recently, there was some controversy surrounding Representative’s Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, from Minnesota. It seems they were going to try and visit Israel but were denied entry. Then Tlaib appealed on humanitarian grounds. Israel said OK, but then she changed her mind and said Israel was restricting her rights. Based upon your knowledge, background and experience from the Israeli side of things, what was happening behind the scenes?  What was the government of Israel considering when all of this transpired?

Their itinerary listed visiting the Temple Mount with PLO officials. That is not allowed by agreement between Israel and the PLO, correct?

Tliab had agreed to the conditions Israel initially responded with. But then she changed her mind. Why would she do that?

In addition to that controversy, as you are aware, just a short few weeks ago, at the time of this recording, there were two mass shootings here in the States. One in El Paso, Texas and the other in Dayton, Ohio.  That usually would not involve the nation of Israel in the conversation.

But almost immediately, the freshman Congresswoman from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, while being interviewed on CNN by Jake Tapper, stated that “Palestinian terrorism is more correctly defined as human rights activism.”  She was responding to a statement Jake Tapper made, criticizing those who rationalize and justify terrorism.

But Representative Tlaib doubled down and responded said, “Comparing Palestinian human rights advocates to terrorist white nationalists is fundamentally a lie.”

Now, it’s bad enough that the politicians are trying to politicize a tragedy like those shootings. But can you give us your opinion her statement equating terrorism with “human rights activism?”

Do you think the Democrat Party tending to shift their allegiance from Jewish Americans to Muslims?

In your book, “Trump and the Jews,” you describe the things President Trump has accomplished and how the people of Israel think of President Trump.  Is support for President Trump still high among the Israeli people?

And if someone wanted to get in touch with you, maybe to do an interview such as this or to get more information on you or the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Well, Mr. Mayor, we are about out of time for today. I want people to be able to order a copy of your book, “Trump and the Jews.”  Is it available on Amazon?

Finally, Mr. Mayor, I did want to get your opinion on this. There has been some activity along Israel’s northern border. What can you tell us about the current situation along the Lebanon – Israeli border?

I will be putting links to all of your contact information and your book of this in the show notes.

We are about out of time for today, but I want to thank David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel for coming on the program today and giving us his perspective current news worthy events that impact both Israel and the United States. Mr. Mayor, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us!  I hope to have you back on again in the future!

Folks, I want to encourage you to go to the links in the show notes below and order your copy of “Trump and the Jews.” I’ve got my copy and it is an awesome read. So much information you receive from the liberal media is distorted – a lot!  David Rubin’s unique perspective gives you a clear understanding of the complicated nature of the small, but highly influential American – Jewish community here in the States. His book will also give you a look the relationship between Jewish community here in the United States, the role of religious Jews (as well as Christians) and their passionate support of President Trump and State of Israel.

Just click the link below and order your book today!

For David Rubin and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




Book:  “Trump and the Jew’s”on Amazon


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