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Java with Jen – Jenilee Samuel pt 1

Java with Jen

 Jenilee Samuel pt 1


Are you tired of the “cliché” sayings that you often hear on ministry programs or from the pulpit? The ones where nobody ever explains what the cliché means? Are you tired of watching some of the gussed up, plastic preachers that seem to have every last detail perfectly in place?

Well, you will not get any of that with my guest, Jenilee Samuel. Her podcast, “Java with Jen” makes a point of answering all of those questions, and more. Such as “Why doesn’t anyone ever tell us this stuff?” Through her podcast, Jen says, “She is here to tell you this stuff!” Amen!

Jenilee Samuel helps people to grow into a deep, personal relationship with Jesus through hearing His voice better and tackling those subjects that will help them in their journey of maturing in Christ.

She and her husband, Stephen, are pastors at a church in Orange, Texas and are focused on discipleship. They have four young boys. They also have a non-profit organization which does mission work as well.

Help me welcome to the program, the host of the “Java for Jen Podcast,” Jenilee Samuel.

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Jenilee Samuel?”

Let’s start with your podcast. Why did you feel it necessary to start a podcast?

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of podcasting?

How does your podcast help you in your ministry?

Your passion is discipleship. When did you realize this was what the Lord wanted you to focus on in your ministry?

You help to disciple people that will go out and make disciples, correct? How does that work?

You help people to hear God’s voice. How do you go about doing that?

What are some of the obstacles you see that s people from hearing the voice of God?

Tell us about your non-profit that you formed, “Free Life Missions.”

You also support a foundation that helps prevent child trafficking. Tell us about this work….

Folks, I hope you got a lot of out today’s interview with Jenilee Samuel. I know I did. I love it when you can sense the Lord moving in ways that many people do not even think of when it comes to ministry. Until I was doing the research for today’s interview with Jenilee, I had not fathomed that an occupation as a fashion stylist could also be a ministry! Praise God!

I said all that because I want you to take away from this interview two things. One – Jesus is Lord and will move in every area of your life that you allow Him to lead in. And two, that you need to go down into the show notes and get in touch with Jenilee Samuel. Her podcast is absolutely amazing.







Free Life Missions:

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