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Jesus Sings at Amity Church – John Meacham pt 2

Jesus Sings at Amity Church

John Meacham pt 2

John Meacham shares about a special encounter he had with Jesus that resulted in an anointing on him and singing like never before at Amity Church.

John explains the meaning and relevance of the Dogwood Tree and how it relates to the Crucifixion.

“Most days we don’t remember. Some days we never forget!” – quote by John Meacham

The song that Jesus sang through John, “Eternal God Whose Power Upholds,” and gives relevant messages through the verses of this song.

We are isolated unto ourselves, even though mostly everyone is on social media.

Final thoughts, “Are you ready for the return of Jesus?”

Next time, we will talk about “Dreams of Jesus Second Coming.”




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