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Journey of a Christian Dad – Dan Luigs pt 1

Journey of a Christian Dad – Dan Luigs pt 1

When you are single, you only worry about you. Once you are married, you start to think about how you can bless your wife (or husband if you are a woman listening to this). Then, when you become a father, it suddenly dawns on you that you have a FAMILY.  

I can remember thinking, at the ripe old age of 19, that I was married and a DAD!  I was still a teenager! I was still trying to find my way and now, I had a family that was looking to ME to be a provider and to be a leader. And, I may add, I was NOT born again at that time (and was not born again for many years from that time, sad to say).

But, what do you do when that realization comes? What do you do when your family is now looking to you to be the leader?

That is what we will be discussing today with my guest, Dan Luigs. Dan is US Army Veteran, praise God. 

Dan is a coach for the Accelerate Mastermind Group. He is on the advisory board for the Good Dad Project and has been featured on the Good Dad Podcast. Dan is also an insurance salesman at “The Insurance Store” located in Chesterfield, Missouri and is a leader in insurance sales through using referrals. And he is the host of the “Journey of the Christian Dad Podcast!” Praise God!

First question, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Dan Luigs?”

I’m just curious, How long have you been doing insurance now?

Your background, you were not always a born again Christian, right?  

Part of your story is how you went from a high income job to no income at all. I can relate to that situation 100%.  That sounds just like my past. So, how did that shape what you are doing today?

Folks, especially you men out there, Dan Luigs is here to help. You need to understand the Spiritual hierarchy that the Lord has established in the family. The responsibility is shared, yes, between the husband and the wife. But God will be holding the husband and fathers responsible for ensuring the family is operating and growing and thriving according to Christian principles. We need to make sure we are leading our family correctly and Biblically.


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