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Leaning Into the Future Without Fear – Matt Miofsky pt 1

Leaning Into the Future Without Fear – Matt Miofsky

Change. Sometimes we look forward to it. Sometimes we despise it. Sometimes we fear it. But what if you could lean forward towards the future without fearing it?

My guest today has written a book on that topic titled, “Let Go – Leaning Into the Future Without Fear.” Matt Miofsky is the lead pastor of “The Gathering United Methodist Church in St. Louis, Missouri. The church as several campuses serving the St. Louis area. Matt played football at Washington University and gained a degree in advanced math. He then attended Candler School of Theology. He has previously published two small group studies based upon his sermon series, “Happy? And Fail.”

Help me welcome to the program, Matt Miofsky!  Matt, thank you for taking the time to join us today!

Ok Matt, I always start with this question first. Other than that short bio I just read, tell us in your own words, “Who is Matt Miofsky?”

Now, I have to say, football and advanced math…that is something that you normally do not associate as going together.  Tell us about that unique mix in college.  How long ago as that?

Now, your new book, “Let Go: Leaning into the Future Without Fear.”  It is divided into three sections. Tell me about the “Wilderness” experience section. It is based upon Moses and the Book of Exodus as Moses is leading the Israelites out of Egypt, right?  Why did you choose the Exodus story for your book?

Tell us a bit more about having these “Wilderness Experiences.” Did you have a “Wilderness Experience” as well?  Is that how you ended up recognizing your calling into ministry?

So, “The Gathering” church was not a multi-campus facility when you arrived there?

So, things have changed quite a bit since you first started, right?  I know, and we will get into this a bit more in a few minutes…but sometimes, “Change” is hard for churches – and people in general. Tell us what the difference is between “Change” and “transition.”  Those two words sound similar, but yet there is a major difference, correct?

Why is managing change and transition important to Christians?

Ok… We were talking about the “Wilderness” experience and that section in your book.

Then what happens? What’s the next section about?

Before I go any further, I know sometimes people get busy and are unable to listen to the entire interview. So I want to have you give your contact information right here, before we continue. That way, people will have a chance to get it, “just in case” they have to leave early.

Ok. I appreciate that…and I will be putting links to that in the show notes as well.

And the last section is about “arriving” at the new destination and beginning the process of building a new future. How can the reader relate to this section?

You address FEAR. Why do think people, in general, are so fearful of change?

Even though the Bible is very clear, even with Jesus saying over and over, “Fear not,” why is it Christians continue to “fear” change?  I mean, if we just “stayed the same” we would not advance as a society or as a church. An example I use all of the time when I explain about the Internet ministry and our radio station, “Evangelism Radio,” is contrasting it to one hundred or so years ago.

If you had a call to go and minister in Kenya or somewhere like that, you would block out almost an entire year, at least, in order to do so. It would take you close to two months to sail there. And then you would not want to hold just one or two meetings and come home. So you would stay several months and travel from town to town. Then finally take that long trip home. It cost a lot of money to do that.

Then, thank God for steam ships! It cut the travel time to just a few weeks. Then came airplanes and it turned into just a few days…

But with the Internet, I can minister to 160+ nations from my office on Sunday morning, then go out to lunch with the family.  And do it on a weekly basis!

But yet, I meet resistance, usually from the older, more traditional pastors whose attitude is “This is the way it’s been done. It’s in the Bible…” type of attitude…

Why do you think, especially Christians and especially Pastors, are so fearful of change?  I mean, we fear the future…but the future may have some good things coming our way! Why do you think we fear the future when we don’t even know what the future holds for us?

How can we proceed with “Change” without invoking fear in those we are trying to help?

Matt, I appreciate your time today. I know your book is on Amazon. Where else is it available?

I’ll be putting links to Amazon for your book in the show notes as well.

If someone wanted to reach out to you, to ask a question, or maybe to do an interview such as this, how can they get in touch with you?

Folks, you heard us discussing FEAR. You heard us sharing how, even though it has been told to us throughout the Bible – even by Jesus Himself, to “Fear Not,” yet, we do. Matt Miofsky’s book, “Let Go: Leaning into the Future Without Fear” is a resource you need to have at your fingertips. I can guarantee you, right now, if I were to ask, you would be able to recall a time in the recent past where you had at least a “twinge of fear.”  Don’t lie – you know it!

Well, having Matt Miofsky’s book handy would be just the encouragement you would need at a time like that. So you may not have had it a few days ago when the “last time” happened. But you can have in your hands for the “next time.” As a matter of fact, order TWO COPIES. That way, if someone you love, care about, work with – whatever – is facing something they are fearful about, hand them a copy of Matt’s book. You will be able to minister to that person – and they won’t even know you did!  Amen!  Go to the link in the show notes and order your copy today.

Matt, thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today. I do appreciate it!

Keep in touch, I’d love to have you back on the program soon. I know there are a lot of other issues going on today that we could have a great discussion about.  And you can bring us up to speed on how your book is doing as well.

Folks, that is all the time we have for today. For Matt Miofsky and myself, this is Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!




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