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Lepers In The Church Today – Lathan Craft pt 2

Lepers In The Church Today 

Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Lathan Craft pt 1

We all have a story. A story of our life. A story that contains heartache, trauma, rough times, good times, blessed times. Times that we want to cherish and times we would rather forget. A story can have so many twists and turns that, by the time you reach the end, you have no idea how you got there. Many times and for many people, their story ends without them fulfilling the purpose of their story. Sometimes, our story takes us where we had no clue what our ultimate goal was going to be. But here we are.

The point being, everyone has a story to tell.

Our guest today has made it a point, to not only tell his story, but help and encourage others to share their story as well. In doing so, he helps to instill hope in others and encourage them that God always has the last Word.

Nathan Craft is a husband, father, pastor, writer, speaker and a podcaster. Praise God! He had devoted his life to being a hope-dealer (I did not say dope dealer – I said HOPE dealer – amen)! He believes that everyone is just one heartbeat away from hope, no matter how hopeless things may seem right now. This belief in the power of hope is why Lathan has launched a new non-profit called, “A Heartbeat of Hope,” which aims to spread the words of hope to those who need them most.

Can you tell us the importance of Hope in this dying world? Especially with all that we see happening around us right now.

Can you explain how you reach those, whom you call, “on the fence about church?” What does that mean and what do you do to reach them?

That includes those who may have been hurt by the church at one time or another as well, correct?

What about people that may have worked against the church? Working with the ungodly to destroy the church (and I’m talking about the Body of Christ Church not a physical building church).

Your book, “The Leper in the Church: Stories of the Unseen” is about those inside our churches today that are suffering from mental disorders, depression, eating disorders and other things that the church really doesn’t address. Why did you write this book?

What is the big “take away” you would like readers of your book to understand?

How has your book been received from those inside the church?

You are currently working on another book, a series of books, that discuss lesser known characters in the Bible. Can you give some insight on what this work is about? Maybe a couple of examples?

When will these works be released?

What is the name of your podcast? “The Other Side of The Church”

When will it be released? Early summer 2020.

A Heartbeat of Hope – non-profit founded by Lathan Craft to witness to the school campuses in America.

Folks, there is HOPE. A world without hope is simply lost. That is what the devil would have you believe. You know people, right now, that are without hope. They are all around us. Lathan Craft is trying to reach them. He does it and he does it well. He IS reaching those who feel like there is no hope. The Hopeless. But Praise God – there is HOPE. His Name is Jesus.

Lathan is reaching them and proclaiming there is Hope for the Hopeless and leading them to the Throne of Grace to meet their true Father! The Father that will always be there for them. A Father who loves them, despite what happens in this world. Despite what their past is like. Amen!

You need to go down into the show notes, right now, and reach out to Lathan Craft. Ask a question. Invite him to come speak to your group or church. And, right now, you need to order his book, “The Leper in the Church.” It will change your view on others who may not have it together as you do (or as together as you think you do)! Use the link down below and order your book today.

In fact, order two or three. Use it to sow HOPE into the life of someone else. Maybe, just maybe, they will be able to identify with Lathan and the Lord would use that connection to get some real HOPE into their life. And you would be the conduit to make it happen by sowing Lathan Crafts book. Amen! Do it now, while you are thinking about it – because if you wait until later, you know as well as I do the devil will try to make sure it never happens. Do not give the devil that chance. Click the link and do it now.




Podcast Website:

Book: “The Leper in the Church: Stories From the Unseen” – on Amazon

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