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Living Your Dash & Leaving A Legacy – Jesse Cruz pt 2

Living Your Dash and Leaving a Legacy

Jesse Cruz pt 2

Freedom.  That word carries a lot of connotations right now. It means many things to many different people.

Have you ever pondered the thought of “what comes next?” I’m talking about what happens after you die? If you’ve ever looked at a tombstone, you see the birth year and the year of death. Between these two dates, is a “dash.” That dash represents your life. Your life right now.

What does your dash represent? What kind of legacy are you leaving, or should I say, “living,” in that dash?

My guest today has written a book titled, “Live Your Dash – Discovering the 8 F’s to Freedom!”

Jesse Cruz, from upstate New York, is a veteran that served our nation during the Iraq War in the Army. He is currently the assistant director of the Ontario County Youth Advocate Programs, Incorporated. He is a speaker at correctional facilities and is also engaged in coaching sports.  Jesse has a BA degree in Community Youth Development from Nazareth College and he is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Theology at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and hiking with his wife and children and their friends.

And he has a personal goal of spreading Hope by reaching over ONE MILLION people through his writing and speaking engagements!

Fun Dash – Many adults struggle with “having fun.” Children don’t have a problem with this (usually). If you have fun doing the task, it is more effective. You can also have “fun” just taking a break and relaxing.

Finance Dash – It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. We can use money to impact other people’s life. A dollar spent “there” is a “dollar” of your heart that went with it.

Forgiveness Dash – Forgiving yourself is the hardest part. But it is the most important part. When you forgive yourself, you are more able to forgive others.

Family Dash – Our family, regardless of background, as a Believer, we have a new family in Christ. We have no control over our birth family, but we can impact our family by focusing on keeping the positive and releasing the negative. Treat your family as you would treat your friends. We give our friends “grace” when they mess up, we should do the same with family.

Faith Dash – Your Faith will help you to achieve all the other “dashes.”

What is the one major key takeaway you want your readers to get from your book?

Now that the book is published, what other projects are you working on?

Where can someone get a copy of your book? Is it available on Amazon?

Jesse, this has been great. I’ve never really stopped to consider that “dash” on a tombstone as telling the story and legacy of my life. That is a great concept!  And thank you for writing this book to help us focus on that dash and to leave a legacy as we transition from this life to the life to come! Amen!

You need to get a copy of Jesse Cruz’ book, “Living Your Dash.” You have to get this one…this can impact your life and the lives of those you love in so many different ways – all for the better! Amen!

Reach out contact Jesse Cruz as well. You can tell, he’s a great speaker and he will be a blessing to any group or conference you are hosting and looking for a speaker. Contact him today as well.




Book:  “Live Your Dash – Discovering the 8 F’s to Freedom!”


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