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Looking Back to Move Forward – Terry Nightingale pt 1

Looking Back to Move Forward

Terry Nightingale pt 1

Everyone has setbacks. Sometimes, it seems like we may have more setbacks than others. Sometimes it seems like we are set up for a setback. Amen!  But, if you actually look back at the events that seemed like a setback, you were actually being set up for success. God is totally in control and at all times. He is never “out of control.”  Despite your circumstances, He is always in control.

I know you’ve heard the scripture quoted, usually be some well-meaning Christian who is trying to make you feel good when you are in the midst of a setback, that “All things work for good for them that love the Lord… and you just have to trust God in this situation…” How did that make you feel at that time? Is that what you needed to hear?

There WILL come a point, at some time in the future, when God’s Plan does come to pass in your life. Then you will be able to look back to the famous setback and see how God DID turn it into a set up for where you are now or at that point in time. You will then appreciate how much God loves you and took care of you as He manipulated the path of life you were on, to bring you into a place where He needed you to be at this point in your life. Amen!

Well, my guest today has written a book just on that very topic! Praise God!  Terry Nightingale is a pastor down under in Perth, Western Australia. He moved there from the United Kingdom in 2003, with his wife Sue and he has been involved in some facet of Christian ministry over the years in teaching, evangelism, music ministry and pastoral care.  Pastor Terry authors a weekly blog titled, The Best is Yet to Come” which is short messages for busy Christian on the go.

He has just released his first non-fiction book for Christian leaders called, “Looking Back to Move Forward: Embracing Setbacks for Greater Fruitfulness.”  In this book, Pastor Terry suggests some intentional reflection on past experiences in the presence of God may just be the key you need to progress into future fruitfulness… Praise God.

Help me welcome to the program, Pastor Terry Nightingale!  Pastor Terry, thank you for joining us on the program today!

The first question I always ask is this, other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Terry Nightingale?”

Why do you think God had you write this book for this time that we are in right now?

Many authors write books based on their past experiences. I know I have as well. Is this book based on your own experiences and are these included in the book?

Have you noticed that “complaining” seems to be the norm for almost everyone, church folks included. We complain about the weather, the politics, the length of the pastors sermon. Some complain it is too short, to vague others that it is too long, to technical. Some don’t like the way the pastor is dressed and others don’t like the way the pastor’s wife is dressed. I could go on and on. But I know you experience that as well. Is this something discussed in your book, the complaining? And how does God use that to move us forward?

What about the backstabbing? For Moses, they wanted to kill him. That probably is not so prevalent in society today – but the backstabbing still is. And, truth be told, we all have done it concerning others in our past. How does all of this “work together for good” as we move forward in life?

When building anything, a ministry, a business, etc., there will be good times and bad. That is expected. In your book, how does God use the story of the bad report the twelve spies came back and reported, to actually move them forward?

You tell the story of the time you tried to talk to your pastor about some concerns, but the timing and place you decided to discuss it was not the best. And, when told so, how you pushed forward with the conversation anyway and that ended up, “scarring” your relationship. Looking back, how you could have handled it differently.

How do you recommend, in your book, someone handle situations like this?

Folks, Terry Nightingale has shared with you some insights that, truthfully, apply to everyone, not just those in ministry. These ideas and concepts he has outlined in his book, “Looking Back to Move Forward” can be used, yes by people in the ministry, but also by business leaders others as well. These concepts are rooted in the Word of God and apply to so many situations you, I and others face in life. I want to encourage you to go down into the show notes and click the link to order a copy of Terry Nightingale’s book, “Looking Back to Move Forward.”




Book: “Looking Back to Move Forward: Embracing Setbacks for Greater Fruitfulness” – Amazon

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