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Mastering Your Email Inbox – Steuart Snooks pt 1

Mastering Your Email Inbox and Creating Order Out of Chaos

with Steuart Snooks pt 1


In today’s society, we rarely find time to relax anymore. Even when you are on vacation, you are almost always connected to someone who is still at work! Maybe even your boss! Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!

You know as well as I do, that you check your phone, your messages on email, your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and everything else when you are on vacation! And that is supposed to be your “down time.”

But, what about your normal, everyday routine?

I remember, back 20 years ago or so, you would work hard to clear out your inbox before you left work for the day. You did not want to have a stack of stuff to do from today when you arrive at work tomorrow morning. And I remember how frustrating it was to see your boss or someone else walk over and drop a stack of folders on your desk at [3:30] on a Friday afternoon!

Now, fast forward to the day and time we live in right now. No longer do they gather together a stack of file folders and come waltzing into your office space. That would mean they had to actually confront you and tell you how important these folders were.

No, today, they just attach a folder to an email and, BAM, it’s in your possession. Very impersonal. But still needing your attention before you leave work. And, it is not just your boss! It could be anyone in your office! It could be friends and family sending you something “they need done.”

Is there any wonder why we experience so much stress and burn out?

Well, my guest today makes it his priority to help you manage those email overloads. Steuart Snooks comes at from the Christian perspective. He helps you to create “order out of chaos” and handle those email and stress overloads.

Steuart is an “Email and Productivity Expert” who works with busy professionals and their teams to help them get control of all their email. Although starting off in the wine industry, Steuart has evolved into a position of a time management consultant specializing with email related issues of workplace productivity.

Help me welcome to the program, from all the way over in Australia, Steuart Snooks!

Steuart, thank you for coming on the program today to help us get control of our the mess called “email.” Praise God!

The first question I always ask our guests is this. Other than that short bio I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Steuart Snooks?”

Now, in case anyone is wondering if I misspelled your name on the show notes or title, the spelling of your name is from a WWII pilot, correct? Tell us about that.

Let’s talk about email overload. How did email, which was supposed to be a way for us to communicate quickly and efficiently, develop into something that is now a burden?

If you are an employee at a company, and your inbox is overflowing, how can you take control of that? You can’t tell your supervisor to stop sending you email, can you?

What are the “W-W-W” of handling email overload?

Has there been any studies on the impact of email overload in the workplace?

I like how you reference Luke [8:38], the story of the mad man of Gerasenes. How, after having the demons cast out, he wanted to go with Jesus. But Jesus told him to “return home and tell how much God has done for you.”  Explain why and how you use this verse to explain what you do.

So, the implications of email overload, from the Christian perspective, are what?

In your training and your seminars, how many people actually admit to having inboxes with hundreds of emails they have not even looked at yet?

I am absolutely swamped on a daily basis with so much junk email. I get about 400 emails per day and actually, I might read 10 or 15. Everything else is deleted. I know I should go through and unsubscribe. But that takes time as well. Sometimes it is easier just to delete them. The problem is, they keep coming back!

You state that you can help people to “halve the time, double your results and triple their productivity when using email.” How do you do that?

I have to ask, what is the “one touch email process” that you use to help people keep an empty inbox?

Can you share what the “4 D” method is of handling email?

Folks, you know as well as I do, that our inboxes are one big distraction throughout the day. When I get up in the morning, it is not unusual to have 20-30 emails in my inbox. I zero them out and when check an hour or so later, there are another 20 or so emails in there. This goes on hour after hour and day after day! I’m sure it does for you as well.

I cannot emphasize how important it is that you get in touch with Steuart Snooks. You can’t wait until a “more convenient time.” Your schedule is going to remain full and you will be operating in “overwhelm” mode until you start to get a handle on keeping your inbox down to manageable levels. I’m going to be getting some additional information from Steuart once this interview is over in a minute or two.

I know I need to do this – and I know you do as well.

Click the links below to get in touch with Steuart Snooks. Do it today. Do it now! While it is at the forefront of your mind. You know if you “wait till later,” it will never happen. Too much jumps up to take control of your day and you will forget all about it. So go to the links below and get in touch with Steuart today.






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