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More Than Conquerors – Kristyn Schott pt 1

More Than Conquerors

Kristyn Schott pt 1

In today’s culture of “image is everything,” many people, especially women and most especially, young women, fall into the devil’s trap of eating disorders. This can be deadly. I’ve known people that have had eating disorders. They are constantly in denial. It is not an easy addiction to overcome on your own.

Because this addiction is so prevalent in our society today, I wanted to bring our guest on for an interview to give you hope, encouragement and some examples of how she was able to overcome her eating disorder. How did she do it? With God’s help. Amen!  Now, she has a unique calling to help others as well.

Kristyn Schott says her faith is now the most important thing in her life. Her passion is writing and she has been writing, what she says is, “recreationally” for 15 years and professionally now for more than four years.

After battling her eating disorder, Kristyn felt a call from God to use her Spiritual gift of writing to spread hope to the millions of others that are affected by eating disorders and to help them move forward in Faith. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her friends and family and, get this, lifting ALL of the heavy weights she can at the gym!

She is the author of a great book titled, “More Than Conquerors,” available on Amazon. And, as Kristyn says in her book, “God can turn your mess into a message.” To share how God can give you a clearer understanding of that phrase, help me welcome to the program, Kristyn Schott!

Kristyn, thank you coming on the program to share about your journey and this great book!

The first question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is Kristyn Schott?”

Your story of how you came to share about your addiction and the commitment to write your book is, let’s say, unique. Share that story with our listeners…

The purpose of your book is to help those with eating disorders and mental health. But you go about it in a unique way, different than other books I’ve read on this subject. Your main sections of the book, which we will get into in a moment, the subheading are not “titles or subject lines.” They are scripture references. Did someone guide you into using this concept or was this, more or less, a direct “download” from the Holy Spirit?

You emphasize several times, just take it “one step at a time.” That is such a great point. Explain to us how some people may just want to jump from the valley to the mountain top and miss the journey along the way – especially as it concerns eating disorders…

Everyone has heard of the eating disorder Anorexia. But you also say you’ve also had a problem with Orthorexia. How does that relate to an eating disorder?

You also share how you went from Anorexia to Orthorexia and how that led to Obsession. Explain that journey and how Obsession is part of an eating disorder…

How did all of this evolve into freedom from your eating disorder?

Let’s go over the different sections of your book. We will start with “Body.” You talk about
“God’s Mercy.” Explain how this section allows someone to overcome eating disorders…

The next is “Food and Drink.” That makes sense, since we are talking about eating disorders. But how does the food and drink you put into your body also relate to the spiritual aspect of fighting this disorder?

“Recovery” is the next section. Obviously, someone does need to recover and get back to good health physically. How can this section also help them to recover spiritually?

Folks, eating disorders are so prevalent in our society and culture today. Odds are, you know someone who is going through and suffering from an eating disorder right now. They may not admit it to you. But you are sensing the Lord is showing you this might be the case. You need to pray and ask the Lord to give you favor in talking with this person so they can get the help they need to overcome it. The Lord will provide! Amen!

I believe one of the ways He will provide is by having you purchase this book from Kristyn Schott, “More Than Conquerors.” This book will give YOU the background for helping your loved one, your friend, maybe even – yourself.

Go down into the show notes and click the links to order you copies today.



Book – “More Than Conquerors” on Amazon



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