Oh My Heart – April Metzler pt 1

Oh My Heart – April Metzler pt 1

Many people have been struggling during this past year, with the COVID crisis and the resulting social isolation and shut downs that have been taking place. Many churches have had to cut back or even cancel their services. For many people, church has always been that one place they could go to seek some semblance of peace. The Peace of God. But that has not been an option for many people during this past year.

That takes some special people with a special anointing to try and take that message to the masses in any way they can. The message that “God Loves You” is one that needs to be shared far and wide, especially in the world we see falling apart around us today.

My guest today has several irons in the fire that allows her to do just that thing. To bring HOPE and God’s Love to those that need to hear about it and experience it right now.

April Metzler is a Christian author and song writer that draws daily with her walk with God to minister hope and encouragement to others with a heart for intercessory prayer. She will be the first to tell you that you are “Loved by God,” when the rest of the world tries to tell you otherwise. She is author of the book, “Oh My God, My Heart: It is the Pursuit That Matters” which was released in July of 2020. She also released a music album titled “Oh My Heart Strings” as well. And, on top of all that, she is a podcast host for “RSVP Show.” Praise God! Help me welcome to the program, April Metzler!

First question that I always ask is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, tell us in your own words, “Who is April Metzler?”

You released your first book, “Oh My God, My Heart: It is the Pursuit That Matters,” back in the summer of 2020. It contains over 350 different scripture verses and quotes. This book is loosely based upon your own life experiences, correct?

Give us a couple of examples what the readers will find in your book…

I especially liked the story about when your in-laws, shall we say, cleaned up your house while you were sleeping and tossed out some very important papers you were working on? Can you just go over that story as an example of the content in your book?

You focus on sharing “God’s Love” with others. I can appreciate that, especially in this day and time we are living right now. How has this work helped you to grow during the pandemic and all that has taken place since early 2020?

Folks, you absolutely need to get a copy of April Metzler’s new book, “Oh My God, My Heart: It is the Pursuit That Matters.” This book, I can’t say it any plainer…this book will give you the encouragement to face these uncertain times in a way that God intends for you to walk all situations in your life. By trusting IN HIM and in His Love and by being the victor and not the victim. Amen! Go down into the show notes, click the link and order your copy today.

And, let’s not forget about ordering April’s music album. Praise God!


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Book: “Oh My God, My Heart: It is the Pursuit That Matters” – on Amazon


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  1. April D. Metzler on 03/09/2021 at 8:26 PM

    This show was such a blessing to be on! I am very grateful for Pastor Bob Thibodeau creating the space for sharing about God’s Love and visiting about His goodness! It was an honor to be on the KCR Podcast show!

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