Our God is Bigger Than That – Eva Marie Everson

Our God is Bigger Than That

Eva Marie Everson

How many times have you been scared in your life? Come on – admit it!

Especially when you were a small child. The sound of thunder. A dark room. Grown ups arguing. The list could go on and on, right?

If you are a parent, you can relate as you are experiencing these things with your children or possibly your grandchildren now (if you’re getting, let’s say, “more mature” now, like me)!

What was one of the calming factors that you experienced when growing up and that you now pass on to your children?  Many times, it’s simply things like, you’ve experienced the thunder storms before and know what is behind the sound. So your parents calmed you down and now you can pass this on to your children.

But in these situations when fear is being manifested, in any situation, the correct response would be an understanding that “Out God is Bigger Than That!”  Our God is bigger than any fear the devil can manifest in any form or fashion. Amen!  Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching good!  Glory to God!

Well, if you are trying to pass this type of Godly Wisdom down to your children or grandchildren, I’ve got some good news for you!

Our guests today are providing you an easy way to capture the attention of those younger members of the family and share with them Godly Wisdom in the conquering of fear.

Michelle Medlock Adams and Eva Marie Everson have collaborated and written a great book titled, you guessed it, “Our God is Bigger Than That!”  Amen!

This book has stories of various farm animals becoming scared for various reasons. From being “kicked” by other animals by accident all the way up to the young daughter of the father being scared of the dark. But, in each instance, woven into the story, is the continuing theme of “Our God is Bigger Than That!”

They use an easy to remember stanza over and over to make it easier for your young ones to remember – and which will help them in those situations when they do become scared.  I’ll let them share that information with you during the interview!  Amen!

Help me welcome to the program, Eva Marie Everson!  Eva, thank you for joining us today! I do appreciate it!  Unfortunately, Michelle was not able to be here today, but Eva is more than able to share about this book with us!

First question I always start with is this… Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Eva Marie Everson?”

What brought you two together to write this book? How are you connected?

What can we learn from the farm animals in your book?

What will the children who read your book (or have the book read to them) learn from the stories about dealing with fear?

Is your book, “Kid tested and parent approved?”  In other words, how has it been received so far?

What is the mantra that is repeated throughout the book?

Why do you think parents are drawn to the stories in the book, as well the children?

What’s the next project? Do you have a follow on book coming out? Is this the beginning of series?

I love this book!  It is so needful in a time where our society seems to ripping our children’s childhood from them and just continuing to instill a sense of fear into their lives. I believe this book is going to be used by God to help many, many families, adults as well as children, come to the realization that, no matter what, “Our God is Bigger Than That!”  Amen!

How can someone obtain a copy of this great book? Is it on Amazon?

If someone wanted to reach out to the two of you, for more information or perhaps to do an interview such as this. How can they do that? How can someone get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this in the show notes below.

Folks, this book is an absolute must have for parents. Grandparents, you need to get copies of this book to keep in your home for when the grandkids come over. And parents and grandparents should get copies for Christmas gifts for the young ones. At the time of this recording, we are about to enter Christmas season and this book, “Our God is Bigger Than That!” would make great gifts!  I would recommend purchasing a few copies to give to the nursey and youngsters Sunday School classes as well. Be a sower of the Word by purchasing and sowing this book! Amen!

Folks, we are all out of time for today. For Eva Marie Everson, this is Pastor Bob reminding you that, no matter what Satan throws your way, “Our God is Bigger Than That!”  Be Blessed in All That You Do!



Website:  www.evamarieeversonoffer.com

Website:  www.MichelleMedlockAdams.com

Book:  “Our God is Bigger Than That!” – on Amazon

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