Prophecy and Artificial Intelligence – Guy Morris pt 1

Prophecy and Artificial Intelligence  Guy Morris pt 1

For those that listen to this podcast and our radio broadcast, you know I’ve been preaching about the “end times” for several years now. How we can tell it is getting closer and closer just by watching the news on television every night.

Between the chaos, the climate, the wars and rumors of wars, we also have scientific development that has the ability to wipe out the human race through pandemics, etc. and through the use of technology.

Our guest today has written several books that will shake you awake and realize just how a precarious situation we are living in right now. His first was “The Curse of Cortes,” followed by “Swarm: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies.” And the most recent book is titled, “The Last Ark: Lost Secrets of Qumran.”

In his books, Guy Morris, blends real life technological advances and real life situations we are facing with religious research with current events and then adds in artificial intelligence scenarios that will have you on the edge of your seat! Amen!

Guy Morris has multiple degrees and over 36 years of leadership experience at companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. He is proven thought leader in adapting advanced technologies and implementing complex IT applications. His success stories range from designing a macro-economic model that out-performed the Federal Reserve and all major banks, to building world-wide high performance teams to innovating early Artificial Intelligence systems technology.  He is also a Disney published composer, a musician with multiple CD’s, a researcher of history and prophecy as well as an author of Artificial Intelligence, espionage, religious, political and history thrillers.

First question I always start with is this. Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Guy Morris?”

I could take hours to interview you on all the various things you’ve done. But I want to focus today in Artificial Intelligence as it relates to end time prophecy.

Let’s start with your definition of what AI is and how it has evolved since you started working with it…

There are many different types of artificial intelligence. Can you share with us the major types, what they are, how they are different and how they interact, with each other and possibly with us?

Is it true that anyone with enough money can hire a team to set up their own AI for any reason?

Why isn’t this technology regulated by the government?

Like we discussed the most important question earlier.  “What if prophecy is not about how God will destroy humanity, but how humanity will destroy itself.  The point of prophecy is not to predict the future or stew in dystopic fear, but to evaluate the present to re-think our life priorities. Prophesy is the alarm clock for humanity.”

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This is only part ONE of a great THREE PART INTERVIEW!  So be sure to come back for the next episodes!




Book:  “SWARM” – on Amazon



Book:  “The Last Ark” – on Amazon






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