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Prophetic Events Happening Now – Tom Donnan pt 2

Major Prophetic Events Happening Now  Tom Donnan pt 2

Every time Tom Donnan comes on the program, we never know where the conversation will end up. We talk about things that indicate we are heading towards the time the Bible says is “The End of Days.”

Today, with the Corona Virus scare going on and with earthquakes in Utah and locusts in Russia and the threat of economic turmoil in the world, naturally, I wanted to get Tom Donnan’s point of view on these things.

We always have a great conversation and, I have to warn you, we never know how the Holy Spirit will guide the conversation. We have an outline, we intend to follow, but it rarely goes as planned. Amen!

Help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan.

Another problem is people not having the income to pay their rent or house payments. Some people say, “Oh, just let them miss a payment or two until things change…”

But there are really a few more problems with that…

  1. They now will have to pay two or three payments in a few months time.
  2. They will still only have the normal income coming in (once they do go back to work)…
  3. What about the companies or individuals who hold the mortgage (if they are renting to people and using that to pay their payments)?
  4. What are the mortgage companies and banks supposed to do when the owners don’t pay them? Now they don’t have the income to pay their employees…

The good news is, they have put in place steps to delay evictions for a month or so. It may also get extended…

Tom, let’s stop talking about the negative and move over into what the Word of God tells.

Can God “make a way” in all of this? Psalm 34 tells us the answer is yes.

The most important point in psalm 34, the relationship with Father God.


8500 Miles apart and yet God.

  1. Young woman in Kadu India, cry’s out to God due to emotional and spiritual pain.
  2. During the night, I am given an assignment to enter a house and recue the household from evil.
  3. The desperate young woman does an internet search to find a place where she can talk to another Christian and comes across website.
  4. At 7 am I am woke up by the cooing of a turtle dove outside my window. Hours before my regular time to get up.
  5. I login to Need Him ministry and a woman called Jane is in the queue.
  6. It becomes one of the longest chat cycles I have ever had.
  7. It was a divine appointment.


Personal prophetic message in mid-March

I experienced a Hearing Vision during the night.

Pastor, can you or I play a part or all of the 10 second sound bite?

When I looked at the clock it was 3:16 am or, the bible verse John 3:16

My interpretation of the is that a huge amount of people are going to receive salvation and be ushered  into the Kingdom of God.

Our society today has built everything on a culture that believes in nothing. It’s like Jesus warned about building on sand rather than the Rock.

Lives built on shifting sand are being washed away.

Complacency=Self Reliance


Independence=No need of God

God is using this virus to reach people that may have never considered needing His help before…but they have no place else to turn.

Huge losses in life have people opening up to God’s help!

What is the biggest obstacle facing people/Christians?

Psalms 91 does not work if we are willful or blind to sins. It doesn’t apply to anyone unless they are a believer.

2 Chronicles 7:14 talks about this, right? It is a promise from God to help us if we follow the formula and that includes repenting of our sins.

It is possible that praying believers can also effect a blessing on those that are not believers – for now. But the day is soon coming when the believers are not going to be here anymore, and then, unbelievers will realize what a blessing it really was to have Christians around…

When our need exceeds our resistance to self-pain, or allowing God to show us our sin, repentance is achieved.

Read psalms 107 and see how God reacted to broken hearts returning to Him

For many, where is the beginning point in a relationship with God?

It is being Born Spiritually (or Born Again) found in John 3:3 and 3:6 explaining that it is two steps.

Salvation is a gift that Jesus already provided for us

Tom, we are all out of time, AGAIN.  I would like to talk about your books, but we don’t have the time. I’ll put links to all of your books in the show notes along with some links to the things we have talked about today.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, how can they do that?

Folks, you really need to order some (or all) of Tom’s books. They are really, really good and will give you the information you need, “For Such a Time As This.”  Use the links below to reach out to Tom, order his books or get in touch with someone who can pray with you and answer any questions you  may have about Jesus, etc.



Books by Tom Donnan

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