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Reaching Millennials Today – Desiree Reed pt 1

Reaching Millennials Today

Desiree Reed pt 1

Do you have a business, ministry or church that is struggling to reach the young people of society? The “Millennial Generation?”

You may have an established business or ministry that has been successful. You’ve done well. But you noticed your clients, customers or congregations is about as old as you are. You can remember when you were the “hot new thing” that would appeal to all age groups.

But now, you notice the younger generation is going elsewhere. And you struggle to remain relevant in whatever it is you are doing. You know you need to reach the millennials. You just are not sure of “how” to do that.

You past marketing efforts are not achieving the results you want or need. It seems like the young people today speak an entirely different language. How can you catch their attention and market share? How can you let them know that you can help them?

Well, to give us some insight into marketing to the millennial generation, I’ve invited Desiree Reed to come on the program. Desiree has a brand messaging and copyright business that does just that, reached the millennial generation. Her website is called “5 Seconds to Impress” at

I am so excited to hear what she has to say about this growing market segment that is virtually untapped, but ready for whatever it is you can do to help them, grow them and market to their potential.  On her website, Desiree gives a statistic that the Millennial Generation accounts for more than, get this, 3 TRILLION dollars in spending power!  WOW!

Help me welcome to the program, Desiree Reed.  Desiree, thank you for coming on the program today!

Ok, the first question I always start with is this. Other than that short intro I just gave, tell us in your own words, “Who is Desiree Reed?”

How did you get started doing what you are doing now?

I was interview Brooke Strauss-Dobi a few weeks back and she just raved about how you help her in her business. I knew I needed to talk to you. How long have you and Brooke been working together?

You specialize in “Brand Messaging.” Tell us what that involves…

What is different about the traditional marketing, the traditional sales letters and selling points between, the different generations?

Three TRILLION dollars in spending by Millennials. How can a business or ministry for that matter, tap that market segment? Somebody is reaching them because they are spending money, obviously. But how are they reaching them?

Are you talking about Facebook? Twitter?  Where are the millennials at?

Do you work with businesses only or do you work with ministries as well?

You say you can help a business devise a Millennial marketing strategy in under an hour. Is it that simple to do?

I love on your website, where you state some very good advice for reaching millennials:

Get to the point; fluff doesn’t fly; aggression turns them off; they are immune to pushy sales tactics…really that would be good advice for trying to reach any age group today, right?

But the millennials are especially immune to those techniques?

So, how can a business or ministry create a brand that reaches across the age demographics? How can they continue to serve their current customer base but then, also, tap into the millennial market segment?

You have a 5 Step Branding Messaging Blueprint.  Can you explain that to us and walk us through it?

  1. Understand your mission, message and purpose.

Is this for the overall business operation or specifically for the millennial generation? How our business could relate to that market segment?

The millennial generation will be the emerging market segment for the current and into the next then generation of consumers in America. They will be starting families soon, running businesses, entering government – and they need YOU.

Go down below and click the links to get in touch with Desiree Reed today. Ask her some questions and see how she can help you to develop the brand and the message to reach this market segment.





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