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Signs of Dangerous Times – Tom Donnan pt 1

Signs of Dangerous Times

Tom Donnan pt 1

Troubling times are here. There is no doubt about it. If you doubt me, just turn on your evening news or watch the 24-7 talking heads on the news channels. All you will hear is foreboding news about how terrible life is right now. They make it sound like the “end is near.”

Well, I have some news for you.  THE END IS NEAR! Praise God! The soon return of Jesus is closer than ever and this world is beginning to enter the time that Jesus called the “birth pains” of the coming tribulation.

What is it that is about to happen? Why is all of this happening? What can we do in this day and time we are living in?

Well, to touch on these topics, I’ve invited our good friend Tom Donnan to come back on the program today. I find myself wanting to talk to Tom more and more as I see, basically, more and more things going the wrong way in this world. And, if you have been following us for any length of time on this program, you are familiar with Tom Donnan also. And you know that every time Tom comes on the program, we may have a general outline that we’ve agreed on before hand – but that does not mean we stick to it. That rarely happens, Praise God. The Holy Spirit definitely guides our conversations. Glory to God.

Help me welcome back to the program, evangelist, author, teacher and someone who is on fire for God – Tom Donnan!  Tom, thank you for taking the time to come back and join us today.

Tom, we had a “nor-easter” snow storm blow up the Atlantic coast these last few days. And it simply amazes me how many people will rush out to the store and buy up all the toilet paper, bread, milk and things like that when they know, in two or three days, this thing will be gone. It simply amazes me that they panic like that.

All they are doing is adding to the shortages that are already happening all by themselves. I mean, back when this COVID lockdown started in March and April of 2020, there were shortages of everything it seemed like.

Now that things are returning to some sense of normality, even with the resurgence of the virus in some places, we are still experiencing shortages – but it isn’t because of people going out and hording toilet paper and things this time, is it?

Escalating Shortage of Consumer Goods – YouTube

Speaking of things being shut down, schools have mainly been online since last spring. Teachers have been teaching at home. Now, many school districts are trying to reopen at least part time to get the kids back into school, but the teachers are balking. They claim they are worried about the virus and safety precautions and all of that.

But some have been caught on vacation in tropical paradise and going to Disney World and complaining on social media that they like working out at home so they can do their workouts and go shopping when they are not online teaching, etc.  I guess they do not realize that the technology today can expose them for not actually “being at home” while they are supposedly on the clock for teaching. Social media can be your friend or your enemy it seems.

Speaking on that topic, have you seen some information recently about how your car can actually be an informant that will expose your secrets and confidential information to anybody with the technology to access its computer?

I know the police have used this for many years. Back when I was in law enforcement, I know our detectives and our crash reconstruction team, could access the car computer and find out all sorts of information that would allow them to piece together various things that the car (and passengers) had been doing. I believe this is a great tool for law enforcement. But it can also be accessed by nefarious people as well…

Your Car Can’t Keep Secrets! Ep. 7.273 – YouTube

This is all leading towards that day where “Big Brother” is controlling every aspect of our lives and if we get out of step – they can swoop in and, basically, “correct your actions.” These are definitely the days that the Bible calls, “The End Times.”

Speaking of which, have you heard about this low frequency hum that is being heard, basically around the world? I have not heard it, but I know it’s been on the news and I even seen a television special about it. Have you heard about it?

It’s getting more frequent, isn’t it?

The Proof Is Out There: Nonstop Hunt for the Strange Sonic Phenomena (Season 1) | History – YouTube

This television special attributed to air condition or air vents and they said some people are just more susceptible to hearing those sounds than others are.

Folks, Tom Donnan, once again, has just blown me away with his perspective on current events happening all around us and how it all relates to Bible Prophecy. There is absolutely no way any reasonable person can deny we are living in the last of the last days. If you have never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, this could be your final chance. I’m not saying Jesus is coming back in 10 minutes – but He could. I’m not saying you will never see tomorrow – but it could happen. We are not guaranteed our next breath. Someone could stop this recording and walk down the hall to get a cup of coffee and have a heart attack while doing so.

Ask Jesus to save you, right now!



Tom Donnan



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