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Signs of Dangerous Times – Tom Donnan pt 2

Signs of Dangerous Times

Tom Donnan pt 2

Troubling times are here. There is no doubt about it. If you doubt me, just turn on your evening news or watch the 24-7 talking heads on the news channels. All you will hear is foreboding news about how terrible life is right now. They make it sound like the “end is near.”

Well, I have some news for you.  THE END IS NEAR! Praise God! The soon return of Jesus is closer than ever and this world is beginning to enter the time that Jesus called the “birth pains” of the coming tribulation.

What is it that is about to happen? Why is all of this happening? What can we do in this day and time we are living in?

Well, to touch on these topics, I’ve invited our good friend Tom Donnan to come back on the program today. I find myself wanting to talk to Tom more and more as I see, basically, more and more things going the wrong way in this world. And, if you have been following us for any length of time on this program, you are familiar with Tom Donnan also. And you know that every time Tom comes on the program, we may have a general outline that we’ve agreed on before hand – but that does not mean we stick to it. That rarely happens, Praise God. The Holy Spirit definitely guides our conversations. Glory to God.

Another sign the Bible says will be taking place, just before Jesus returns, is an increase in earthquakes in “divers places” or “various places.” Have you seen the number of large earthquakes that have been happening all over the world lately?

List of earthquakes in 2021 – Wikipedia

I’m wondering if these earthquakes are linked to the increase of volcanic activity that has been occurring around the world lately. These eruptions are happening more frequently and have been especially active in the “ring of fire” regions of the world. Have you seen anything on this?

78 Volcanoes Showing Signs of Activity / Volcanic Activity Report for 2021

These things are all leading up to what the Bible calls the “end times.” There can be no doubt we are in the final days before the return of Jesus.

Look at all of the social unrest going on…the government is trying to restrict any type of political discussion or opposing points of view. It is all “our way or you go away” mentality that the Bible calls the “one world government,” right?

This is impacting the world’s economy as well. Governments are now wondering” how in the world” (pun intended) how they are going to pay for all of the debt being rung up trying to head off the economic effects of this virus. From major metropolitan areas here in the United States to the Federal government itself –  to other nations. The economic fallout is going to be swift, tragic and unstoppable. It’s like running up credit card debt to buy groceries and thinking, “When I die, my kids can pay the bill.”

The fat cats on Wall Street and the government itself are trying to limit the amount of income the average person can accumulate. In this new government, money is power. That’s one reason why the Big Tech companies are calling the shots in DC. They are the wealthiest group and they basically buy and sell politicians.

In fact, did you see the recent controversary concerning that stock app, “Robinhood?” The “little guys” basically did what the fat cats have always done – but this time, they actually took from the rich to give to the poor. That upset a whole lot of people in high places…


We’ve talked before about the rise in the use of Crypto Currency. This is all tied together. All of the wealth accumulated in and through these apps are just figments of our imagination. There is no actual currency being exchanged. It is all a series of zeros and ones in computers talking to each other. All of it can be switched off at any time by the powers that be.  That is the Federal Reserve at work.  Creating an air of legitimacy but in reality, it’s all a front. And the Robinhood app is just a sign of things to come as the government cracks down on the little guy stepping outside of the limits the government and Big Tech says we should stay within.

Have you seen the value of the dollar dropping on the world stage lately?

I believe part of the reason is now there is a socialist government in charge in DC, debt spending is going to go even further out of control. I believe all of this is simply leading to the collapse of the world economy and that will bring in the use of the ONE WORLD currency system.

We could even talk about how the prelude to all of this, the “mark of the beast” if you will, where nobody will be able to buy or sell without this special mark…I believe this COVID vaccination card is just the first trial balloon to get people to accept the system.

You know, John, in the Book of Revelation, talked about a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. But if you think about it…what would John have seen everyone using in stores today to pay electronically? Their cell phones. He would not know what a cell phone is. He would have just seen people waving their cell phone at a checkout line and walking out with the goods. And what is the government advocating right now, that your vaccination certification could be downloaded to your cell phone. Like I said, just one more link in the chain, brother…

Finally, I be remiss if I did not ask you about one of our favorite topics, asteroids. This is talked about in Revelation as well. Have you heard of any “near misses” that have occurred?

ASTEROID (2021BO) THAT PASSED ONLY 7,000 MILES AWAY (That once again was not “noticed” until it went past)…

Have you noticed these sightings are becoming more and more numerous?  Signs of a coming impact? As depicted in the Bible?

Well, we have gone way over time again today. Folks, that is what happens when Tom Donnan comes on. We never know how the conversation will work itself out, Praise God!

Folks, Tom Donnan, once again, has just blown me away with his perspective on current events happening all around us and how it all relates to Bible Prophecy. There is absolutely no way any reasonable person can deny we are living in the last of the last days. If you have never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, this could be your final chance. I’m not saying Jesus is coming back in 10 minutes – but He could. I’m not saying you will never see tomorrow – but it could happen. We are not guaranteed our next breath. Someone could stop this recording and walk down the hall to get a cup of coffee and have a heart attack while doing so. Someone could be listening to Tom Donnan right now in the car while parking at the grocery store, never to get back in their car again. So, if you have never received Jesus as your Lord or Savior, I urge you to do so right now.

Tom, would lead someone to the Throne of Grace and Mercy right now – where ever they may be?

That is all the time we have for today. If you prayed that prayer with Tom Donnan, get in touch with him. Let him know you prayed that prayer. Email me as well, at Go down into the show notes and get in touch with Tom Donnan. Order one or more OR ALL of his books. I’ve read everyone one of them and they are awesome.


Tom Donnan



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