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So Much Destruction – Tom Donnan pt 1

So Much Destruction

Tom Donnan pt 1

There are so many signs of the times in which we are living right now that point to soon return of Jesus. There are so many things happening and the same response is given by almost everyone, which is, “We don’t know why all these things are happening.” Well, I can honestly say, if you are a born again believer, there is only one good answer. The soon return of Jesus is near. That’s all that needs to be said. Amen!

We have so many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, near miss asteroids, pandemics, plagues, not to mention wars and rumors of wars…

Well, to touch on these topics, I’ve invited our good friend Tom Donnan to come back on the program today. I find myself wanting to talk to Tom more and more as I see, basically, more and more things going the wrong way in this world. And, if you have been following us for any length of time on this program, you are familiar with Tom Donnan also. And you know that every time Tom comes on the program, we may have a general outline that we’ve agreed on before-hand – but that does not mean we stick to it. That rarely happens, Praise God. The Holy Spirit definitely guides our conversations.

Have you seen anything about a new type of currency idea that has been floated around recently that would be the first steps to bringing this about?

New Currency – New North American Currency Prototype | Perry Stone – YouTube

That kind of goes hand in hand, concerning controlling the masses and all that, with what I seen recently that is about to happen in California. It regards the “safety of the children” to return to school. It seems innocent enough and it’s all in the name of keeping them safe because of the virus. But this is new kind of ID card that, if proven successful, could quickly be adapted nationwide (and then worldwide). Did you see any information on that?

Why I’m Leaving California Next Week!! – YouTube

That goes along with all of the movements taking place where people are getting fed up with this “social cancel culture” and idiotic things like that. In fact, I seen some states are having petitions passed where they want to, basically, secede from the socialist states, like Washington, Oregon and California, and either merge with a more Conservative state or form their own new states! Have you seen this?

5 rural Oregon counties to vote on joining Idaho in May | KOMO (

Just to change gears here a minute… Right after we talked last time, there was one of those Arctic freeze bombs that just dropped down from the North Pole area and went all the way to Texas. Now, I lived in Texas and Louisiana for close to 20 years. They were not set up for the ice storm they endured. They do not even have salt trucks. They use sand, because normally, the ice would be gone the next day. But it did not happen that way this time. Plus, it took out their electric grid. Not knocking down a few powerlines here and there – it took out the entire grid! Did you see that?

Deep freeze in Texas: Millions without power, 21 dead in historic snowstorms – YouTube

And because the power was out, their water systems were knocked off line. Sewage, purification, pumping stations – all of it – was knocked out!

Texas faces water crisis as death toll mounts from frigid temps – YouTube

Did you see the impact all of this is having on things as simple as the fresh water fish for human consumption?

The “Everything Collapse” Continues: One-Third Of All Freshwater Fish Are Facing Extinction – YouTube

And let’s not forget about other natural disasters going on. There is a huge increase in the number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening right now. Many happening simultaneously all around the world. Like the Bible says, it will be happening all around the world and people will not know what to do. The Bible calls it “perplexing.” I would say we have entered that time. Have you seen all of this volcanic activity and earthquakes?

49 volcano’s around the world in current state of eruption.

Mount Etna in Italy   Italy’s Mount Etna spews ash after eruptions – Bing video

Ash covers Sicily

Volcano in Ecuador has pumas falling like rain.

Everywhere Haze and Ash: Strong ashfall from volcano Sangay in Chimborazo province, Ecuador #Sangay – YouTube

The volcano on Iceland appears to nearing an eruption. 20000 earthquakes in one week, 5.1 and below.

Folks, the information you have just heard Tom Donnan share is so relevant to Bible Prophecy and what is called, “The Last Days.” There can be NO DOUBT we are living in the days foretold in the Bible. Days the “prophets of old desired to see” the Bible says, but couldn’t. We are living them! Glory to God!  I urge you to share these episodes and follow this podcast to stay up-to-date with future episodes featuring Tom Donnan!


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