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So Much Destruction – Tom Donnan pt 2

So Much Destruction

Tom Donnan pt 2

There are so many signs of the times in which we are living right now that point to soon return of Jesus. There are so many things happening and the same response is given by almost everyone, which is, “We don’t know why all these things are happening.” Well, I can honestly say, if you are a born again believer, there is only one good answer. The soon return of Jesus is near. That’s all that needs to be said. Amen!

We have so many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, near miss asteroids, pandemics, plagues, not to mention wars and rumors of wars…

Well, to touch on these topics, I’ve invited our good friend Tom Donnan to come back on the program today. I find myself wanting to talk to Tom more and more as I see, basically, more and more things going the wrong way in this world.

This is part two of our two part discussion (this time) of current events happening all around the globe that point directly to the soon return of Jesus!

Tom discusses the recent volcano on Iceland that appears to nearing an eruption. 20,000+ earthquakes in one week, 5.1 and below.

New Zealand 8.1 earthquake tsunami warning.

Third monster 8.1 magnitude earthquake hits off NZ coast as people told to flee in tsunami warning – YouTube

There were two quakes above 7 before the 8.1 hit.

I seen where they are now starting to experiment on creating a kind of hybrid-humanoid and animal breed. I guess they are looking at taking the best from each or something and creating a new species.    Did you see anything in your research about this stuff?


Rising Darkness Pt. 1 | Thomas Horn & Jimmy Evans | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb – YouTube

Human testing on blending human and animals.

DNA can be changed with a simple command to stop reproduction.

Can life be extended by blending animal and human DNA mixing?

Did you see the information that’s out there concerning trying to interface your brain with the internet?

How transhumanist technologies will change everything? | Zoltan Istvan – YouTube

And we could never end our discussions without venturing out into the Heavenlies.  I want to talk about helicopters. Actually, a new helicopter. One that is on the planet Mars right now!  Did you see this?

First helicopter is now on Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: The First Aircraft on Mars – YouTube

Last year we talked about it going to mars – now it is on Mar! Talk about the huge advances of mankind and advancing technology!

There can be no doubt we are in the last of the last days. There is even preparations begun to build the next Temple in Jerusalem. The Third Temple. This is amazing. How will they know where exactly to build the Holy of Holies?

Has the location of the Temple Mount been discovered?

The Temple Revealed – Jewish Temple Location Found! by Christian Widener – YouTube

Christian Widener Ph. D book claims to know where the old temple resided.

His research is shown that the golden gate and threshing floor align and convey the temples location.

Plans to build third temple have begun.

THIRD TEMPLE JERUSALEM; Preparations for the third temple; Rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem (2020) – Bing video

Seeking a pure red heifer to bring purity to the temple. The ashes of the red heifer is used in purification ceremonies to cleanse sins.

Red Heifer Update March 1 2021 – YouTube

99.93% pure red heifer, only a few hairs on its body are white.

We definitely need to pray for revival. Not just in America, but around the world. We need revival in America. A good, old fashioned revival like the tent revivals. Amen?

Reviving Tent Revivals in the last days.

Folks, the information you have just heard Tom Donnan share is so relevant to Bible Prophecy and what is called, “The Last Days.” There can be NO DOUBT we are living in the days foretold in the Bible. Days the “prophets of old desired to see” the Bible says, but couldn’t. We are living them! Glory to God!  I urge you to share these episodes and follow this podcast to stay up-to-date with upcoming interviews with Tom Donnan!


Tom Donnan


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